Five Fans' Hopes for Better Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 2
Five Fans' Hopes for Better Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 2

Five Fans’ Hopes for Better Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 2

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 1 concluded with the release of 293 episodes. Currently, Boruto is on hiatus, and Part 2 is expected to follow. However, before the release of Boruto Part 2, there are a few things fans hope to see improved, particularly regarding animation quality. Here are five hopes for Boruto Part 2 after the hiatus, as compiled by Patriotour

1. Better Animation Quality

As a weekly and long-run anime, Boruto often suffers from animation problems that differ from episode to episode. While serious episodes may have impressive animation, the quality tends to drop in ordinary or filler episodes, leading to inconsistency. This issue has even made Boruto a target for memes among fans and anime enthusiasts due to the quality of the animation. Fans hope that the animation quality will improve in Part 2.

2. Fewer Filler Episodes

Most of the episodes in Boruto Part 1 were fillers that did not connect with the original manga story. Fans hope that Masashi Kishimoto will reduce the number of filler episodes in Part 2.

3. Character Development

The supporting characters in the anime have been lacking significant development, focusing only on the main characters. Fans hope to see an improvement in this area in Boruto Part 2, including better development for the supporting characters.
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4. Better Character Design

Masashi Kishimoto traditionally improves the designs of the characters after completing a time-skip. Fans are hoping for better character designs in Boruto Part 2.

5. Story Development

Boruto anime has already done a great job adapting the manga, but fans believe there is still room for improvement regarding the story, animation, and character development. Fans hope for further development in these areas in Boruto Part 2.

These are fans’ expectations for Boruto Part 2, as reported on Instagram With these hopes and expectations, fans hope to see significant improvements in the anime moving forward.

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