Five Anime Characters Who Unexpectedly Became Parents
Five Anime Characters Who Unexpectedly Became Parents

Five Anime Characters Who Unexpectedly Became Parents

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In many anime stories, main characters suddenly find themselves becoming parents, even when it wasn’t planned. Despite the shock, they step up to the challenge and prove themselves to be amazing parents. Most of the time, the characters adopt a child spontaneously, for various reasons such as pity or a strong desire to protect. Regardless of the reason, their love and care for their child is no less than any biological parent. Some of them become overprotective and devote their entire lives to their child’s development. They learn to become good parents as they navigate through their own lives. Here are five anime characters who unexpectedly became parents.

5. Kazuki and Rei – Buddy Daddies

Kazuki and Rei, a duo of assassins, left a mission on Christmas Eve with a 4-year-old girl named Miri. They never planned on having a child in their lives, but gradually, the three created a bond that resembled a lost family in their lives. Miri finally had parents she had longed for, and caring for the little girl helped Kazuki and Rei overcome their past traumas.

4. Golem – Somali and the Forest Spirit

In a world where humans are nearly extinct and facing discrimination from magical species, a golem finds a human child named Somali. The golem intends to spend his life in the forest he guards, but he decides to take Somali on a journey to find a group of humans who will take care of her. Despite not supposed to have emotions, the golem becomes attached to Somali, whom he sees as his daughter. Finding a group of humans is a dangerous mission, especially since Somali has a hard time following orders. But the golem is determined to accomplish it before his time is up.

3. Dale Reki – If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord

Dale Reki, an 18-year-old traveler, suddenly meets a forsaken demon girl named Latina. Her broken horn indicates that she is a criminal or related to one, but she seems too young and innocent to do anything wrong. Hoping to protect her, Dale decides to adopt her. He never thought he would become a father at such a young age, but he soon discovers that he genuinely enjoys being a dad. As he and Latina become more attached, questions about her origins arise.

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2. Daikichi Kawachi – Bunny Drop

Daikichi Kawachi never expected to become a parent when he attended his grandfather’s funeral. He finds out that his grandfather had a young daughter named Rin, whom no one else in the family wants to take care of. Despite the difficulties of suddenly becoming a parent, Daikichi’s love for Rin never wanes. He quits his job to take care of her and decides to raise her as his own.

1. Yoshifumi Nitta – Hinamatsuri

Yoshifumi Nitta, a middle-level Yakuza gangster, spent his leisure time collecting expensive vases in Hinamatsuri. His life was disrupted when a mysterious little girl named Hina fell on his head from a capsule. Besides her name and the fact that she has esper powers, Yoshifumi knows little about her. However, he knows one thing: if Hina’s esper powers are left unchecked, it will cause chaos. Seeing no other choice, Yoshifumi reluctantly allows Hina to live with him. When he realizes that Hina can help him with his yakuza business, he begins to appreciate her presence. Slowly, he becomes attached to Hina not as a useful nuisance but as a daughter he cares for deeply.

In conclusion, these anime characters’ journey into parenting was not expected, but they all proved themselves to be great parents. Their love and care for their children are inspiring and heartwarming, reminding us that being a parent is not only about biology, but also about love and responsibility.

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