Five Anime Characters who Achieved Immortality
Five Anime Characters who Achieved Immortality

Five Anime Characters who Achieved Immortality

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When it comes to storytelling and characterization, immortality is one of the most intriguing abilities in anime. In various fictional stories, characters seek this power through technology, magic, or a potion. Interestingly, immortality can be both a gift and a curse. Many anime characters have died seeking it while others have successfully achieved it. In this article, we will take a look at five anime characters who have achieved immortality.

10. Hidan – Naruto

Hidan is not the smartest character in Naruto, but he poses a real threat due to his inability to die. Hidan is a devout follower of Jashin and after experimenting with Jashin’s technique, he becomes immortal. His style of fighting revolves around stealing the blood of his enemy and then performing a ritual by stabbing himself. The damage he causes himself reflects on the person whose blood he has taken.

9. Manji – Blade of Immortal

Manji is a skilled swordsman and a major character in Blade of the Immortal. He obtained immortality after being cursed by a nun. His curse can only be lifted after he repents for killing 100 innocent people. Manji’s immortality has allowed him to fight recklessly and sustain serious injuries while continuing to fight.

8. Fushi – To Your Eternity

Fushi is a shapeshifting immortal character and the protagonist of To Your Eternity. He initially takes the form of an orb and gradually gains the appearance of a dead creature he interacts with. His powers include the ability to create objects that he has touched and he causes massive destruction. Over time, Fushi learns more about his abilities and how to control them, making him highly powerful.

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7. Kars – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Kars is the main villain of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. After obtaining the Red Stone of Aja, he transforms himself into a perfect being with various abilities, including immortality. Kars is defeated by Joseph Joestar only due to his cunning use of plot armor.

6. Ban – Seven Deadly Sins

Ban is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights with incredible powers. He gains immortality after meeting Elaine in the Fairy King’s Forest. When the forest is attacked by demons, Ban sustains critical injuries, but Elaine gifts him with the water of immortality. This ability enables him to help save the world.

The quest for immortality in anime often requires characters to face challenging conflicts in their journey. Some succeed while others suffer. Immortality allows characters to become more powerful and influential. However, this power comes with a price, and characters learn to use it wisely.

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