Find Love Unexpectedly: A Review of the Indonesian Comedy-Drama Film Get Married
Find Love Unexpectedly: A Review of the Indonesian Comedy-Drama Film Get Married

Find Love Unexpectedly: A Review of the Indonesian Comedy-Drama Film Get Married

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Get Married (2007) is the first installment of an Indonesian comedy-drama film series. Directed by Hanung Bramantyo, the film stars Nirina Zubir, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Aming, Deddy Mahendra Desta, Richard Kevin, Meriam Bellina, Jaja Mihardja, and Ira Wibowo. Set in a Jakarta village, Get Married follows the story of Mae, a tomboy girl who is unexpectedly forced into marriage by her worried parents.

Mae’s parents are concerned about her future and believe that getting married is the only solution. However, Mae and her friends have other plans. They decide to sabotage all the potential suitors that her parents find, hoping to escape the forced marriage.

Unbeknownst to Mae and her parents, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they visit a shaman. The shaman reveals that there are three supernatural entities keeping Mae from finding love. Determined to overcome these obstacles, Mae’s parents continue their quest to find a suitable match for her.

After a series of comical events, Mae’s parents arrange for her to marry a muscular man named Rendy. However, Mae is not interested in him and tries to find a way out of the situation. In a twist of fate, Mae and Rendy cross paths and fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately, Mae’s friends misunderstand the situation and physically attack Rendy, creating further complications.

The situation worsens when Mae’s mother falls ill due to worry about her unmarried daughter. Faced with her mother’s deteriorating health, Mae feels compelled to rush into marriage. However, neither Mae nor Rendy is able to go through with their respective wedding ceremonies as they fall ill on their special days.

In a surprising turn of events, Beni becomes the last option for Mae. Just as it seems that Mae is destined to marry Beni, Rendy’s wealthy boss, who is searching for a wife, discovers Mae. He sees the genuine love between Mae and Rendy and decides to help Rendy win her heart.

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Despite the conflict with her friends and the challenges they face, Mae ultimately marries Rendy. The film combines elements of comedy, drama, friendship, and romance, captivating audiences with its heartfelt storyline.

Get Married has become a popular film in Indonesia, with many families rewatching it during national holidays. Its charm and relatable characters have made it a regular feature on television, further cementing its status as a beloved Indonesian film.

Critics have had mixed reviews about Get Married. Some praise the film for its genuine portrayal of love and friendship, while others find the storyline predictable. Regardless of the reviews, the film delivers a powerful message about following one’s heart and embracing unexpected love.

In conclusion, Get Married is a captivating Indonesian comedy-drama film that explores the theme of unconventional love. Through Mae’s journey, the film reminds us that love can blossom unexpectedly, even in the most unconventional circumstances. It encourages viewers to follow their hearts and break free from societal expectations. With its mix of comedy, drama, friendship, and romance, Get Married is a must-watch film that will leave audiences entertained and inspired.

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