Fiance Raise wa Tanin ga li Manga Adaptation: A Romantic Comedy Coming to Anime
Fiance Raise wa Tanin ga li Manga Adaptation: A Romantic Comedy Coming to Anime

Fiance Raise wa Tanin ga li Manga Adaptation: A Romantic Comedy Coming to Anime

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Fiance Raise wa Tanin ga li, a popular romantic comedy manga written by Asuka Konishi under the pen name Tetsuo, is set to be adapted into an anime series. The announcement made by Asuka Konishi herself has excited fans who have been eagerly following the story of Yoshino Somei, a high school girl navigating romantic challenges due to her family’s yakuza background.

To kick off the celebration for the release of the eighth volume of the manga, a promotional video was released. However, there is still no information available regarding the international airing schedule and platform for the anime adaptation.

The manga revolves around Yoshino, the granddaughter of a prominent mafia boss in Osaka. Due to her family’s reputation, she faces difficulties in relationships. Her grandfather attempts to arrange a marriage between Yoshino and Kirishima, a young man from a different mafia family. In an attempt to escape this situation, Yoshino decides to move to Tokyo and live with Kirishima.

As Yoshino spends more time with Kirishima, her feelings for him start to develop. However, she soon discovers that Kirishima has a big secret that she must confront. This twist adds an element of suspense to the romantic comedy storyline.

Fiance Raise wa Tanin ga li masterfully combines comedy, romance, and family dynamics within the unique backdrop of the Japanese yakuza world. Its engaging plot and relatable characters have garnered a significant following since its first publication on the pixiv platform in August 2017. The manga’s serialization in Monthly Afternoon and its subsequent win of first place in the comic category at the Next Comic Award in 2018 further solidified its popularity.

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The announcement of the anime adaptation of Fiance Raise wa Tanin ga li has generated anticipation among fans of the manga. They are excited to see how the story and characters will come to life on screen. The anime adaptation provides an opportunity for a larger audience to enjoy the captivating story of Yoshino’s journey through relationships and the challenges she faces due to her family ties.

In conclusion, the adaptation of Fiance Raise wa Tanin ga li manga into an anime series is highly anticipated by fans. This romantic comedy offers a unique twist with its exploration of love within the context of the yakuza world. It is a story that appeals to a wide range of readers and will undoubtedly capture the hearts of viewers once it is released as an anime.

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