Fever Dream Synopsis: A Psychological Thriller with a Confusing Twist
Fever Dream Synopsis: A Psychological Thriller with a Confusing Twist

Fever Dream Synopsis: A Psychological Thriller with a Confusing Twist

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Fever Dream is a psychological thriller centered around Amanda, a mother who moves to a new house in the countryside with her daughter, Nina. Upon arrival, Amanda and Nina are greeted by their mysterious neighbor, Carola, who warns them that the tap water is not safe to drink. As the story progresses, strange occurrences plague Amanda and Nina’s household, from the toxic water source to a mysterious disease that infects them. David, Carola’s son, adds to the chaos as he exhibits peculiar behavior, causing Amanda to question the true nature of her surroundings.

Directed by female filmmaker Claudia Llosa, Fever Dream is a Netflix original film in the Spanish language. The film is an adaptation of Samantha Schweblin’s novel, “Distancia de Rescate,” published in 2014. The plot defies linear storytelling as it overlaps with different layers of the narrative. Starring Spanish actress Maria Valverde as the lead, the film had its premiere in the San Sebastian International Film Festival on September 20, 2021, followed by a limited release in American cinemas on October 6, 2021, and worldwide release on Netflix on October 13, 2021.

A Dismal Welcome

On the day of Amanda’s arrival, Carola, her neighbor, brings two buckets of water from the nearby source. David, Carola’s strange son, also becomes an instant cause of concern with his unsettling demeanor. Carola shares a story about how a horse and David both fell sick, and the only cure could be found in a neighboring “green house,” where a mysterious woman could fix everything. In exchange, however, David begins exhibiting unusual behavior, causing Amanda to grow increasingly paranoid.

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A Twisted Plot

As Amanda and Nina immerse themselves in their new environment, David’s peculiarities escalate. Amanda becomes anxious to the point of not even allowing David near her daughter. One day, when Amanda leaves to swim alone, David locks her out of the house, and things take a dark turn. Amanda’s paranoia intensifies as she becomes increasingly isolated and events start to spiral out of control. What follows is a surreal sequence of occurrences that raises a lot of questions about the nature of the disease that plagues the household.



Fever Dream is a mind-bending and unsettling psychological thriller that keeps the audience guessing till the end. With its ambiguous plot twists and surreal storytelling, Claudia Llosa’s direction is commendable, creating visually memorable sequences that contribute to the film’s dreamlike feel. The film explores the themes of motherhood, environmentalism, and belief systems, leaving the audience with a sense of unease long after the credits roll. If you’re looking for a film that keeps you on your toes and defies linear storytelling, Fever Dream is a must-watch.

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