Exploring the Secrets of the Gorosei and the Awakening Form of Jaygarcia Saturn's Devil Fruit - One Piece Chapter 1094
Exploring the Secrets of the Gorosei and the Awakening Form of Jaygarcia Saturn's Devil Fruit - One Piece Chapter 1094

Exploring the Secrets of the Gorosei and the Awakening Form of Jaygarcia Saturn’s Devil Fruit – One Piece Chapter 1094

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, chapter 1094, readers will be taken deep into the secrets of the Gorosei, the mysterious and powerful group of leaders in the One Piece world. This chapter will also reveal the awakening form of Jaygarcia Saturn’s Devil Fruit power. Furthermore, fans can expect an epic duel between Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the series, and Admiral Kizaru Borsalino, one of the strongest Marines.

The previous chapter, 1093, focused on the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, excluding Luffy and Zoro. However, in chapter 1094, the narrative shifts to the members of the Gorosei at Egghead Island, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. This is where readers will finally get a glimpse into Saturn’s past or learn more about their formidable powers.

One of the highlights of this chapter is the unveiling of Jaygarcia Saturn’s awakening form. This form showcases the full potential of Saturn’s Devil Fruit power, and it is mentioned that this form does not possess the signature black shadow often associated with Devil Fruit awakenings. Fans will surely be eager to see the extent of Saturn’s abilities and how they will impact the ongoing story.

Additionally, the spoiler suggests that there will be a thrilling duel between Luffy and Admiral Kizaru Borsalino. As two incredibly powerful fighters, this clash is bound to be intense and action-packed. Readers can anticipate an epic battle between these two formidable characters.


Meanwhile, Jinbe, one of Luffy’s loyal allies, is currently away from the battles. His task is to transport Vegapunk’s belongings to the back of the island. Vegapunk, accompanied by Atlas, Sanji, and Franky, will head towards FabrioPhase. This mission is crucial as Vegapunk’s goal is to save Jewelry Bonney, who was kicked by Kizaru in the previous chapter.

Bonney, a formidable pirate, has fought against the Marines in FabrioPhase and has shown the ability to change the ages of people. Despite her encounter with Kizaru, Bonney is seen being saved by Sentomaru. It is likely that Sanji, who is on his way to help, will team up with Bonney to confront the Marines.

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Vegapunk’s current objective is to save Bonney and manipulate the orders given to the Pacifistas, the powerful robotic warriors. By turning them into allies, Vegapunk aims to enhance their strength and use them against their enemies, including the Straw Hat Pirates.

The previous chapter, 1093, witnessed Vegapunk and the Straw Hat Pirates successfully reaching FabrioPhase and changing the Pacifistas’ orders. However, the twist comes when it is revealed that Saturn is on one of the ships, which explains why they were brought to the island. With Saturn taking control of the Pacifistas, the Straw Hat Pirates will face an even greater challenge as they fight against their former allies.

Another intriguing element is the mention of the Iron Giant, a mysterious character who will play a significant role as an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates. While the details of the Iron Giant’s involvement are yet to be revealed, fans can expect an exciting and unexpected twist in the upcoming chapters.

In summary, chapter 1094 of One Piece promises to be an exciting installment filled with revelations and intense battles. Fans will get to explore the secrets of the Gorosei and witness the awakening form of Jaygarcia Saturn’s Devil Fruit power. Brace yourself for a thrilling duel between Luffy and Admiral Kizaru, as well as the manipulation of the powerful Pacifistas. And keep an eye out for the enigmatic Iron Giant, whose role will undoubtedly leave readers eager for the next chapter.

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