Exploring the Beauty and Drama of Tsurune: The Linking Shot Anime
Exploring the Beauty and Drama of Tsurune: The Linking Shot Anime

Exploring the Beauty and Drama of Tsurune: The Linking Shot Anime

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Tsurune: The Linking Shot is the second season of the anime series Tsurune, which revolves around a high school kyudo or archery club. Despite being produced by the renowned Kyoto Animation studio, it’s not as popular among anime fans in Indonesia as other sports anime. However, Tsurune stands out for its unique storyline, character development, and animation, making it a series worth watching. Let’s dive deeper into what makes Tsurune: The Linking Shot a must-watch for all fans of drama and sports anime.


1. Storyline Focuses on More Than Winning

Like most sports anime, Tsurune features a tournament event that drives the plot. The Kazemai High School archery club, including Minato and his friends, compete in the prefectural tournament to qualify for the national championship. However, the plot is not merely about winning but also showcases the beauty and art of the Japanese traditional sport of kyudo. Through Tsurune, Kyoto Animation aims to convey how kyudo is more than just a form of martial arts but a way of life.

2. Characters Learn the Value of Defeat

Tsurune also explores the personal struggles of its characters, such as Minato and his friend Nikaidou, who deal with disappointment and regret. Kyoto Animation’s signature style of portraying drama and personal issues in sports anime is evident in Tsurune’s character development. Each character learns to cope with loss and failure, leading to personal growth and redemption.

3. Beautiful Animation Showcasing Kyudo

The animation of Tsurune is truly exceptional, highlighting the beauty and elegance of kyudo. The natural scenery and archery poses in each scene are beautifully crafted to captivate the viewer. Additionally, the soundtrack composed by Harumi Fuuki adds to the overall calming effect, making Tsurune an anime that can be healing to watch.

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4. Ambient Sound Represents Tsurune

Tsurune derives its name from the sound made when an arrow is released from a bow. The series’ sound director, Yota Tsuruoka, masterfully captures this sound, which is present throughout the anime. Along with the ambient sound, the series provides an immersive experience, drawing viewers into the world of kyudo.

5. A Beautiful Piece of Art

Tsurune: The Linking Shot is a work of art, from its storyline to animation, soundtrack, and character development. The series director Takuya Yamamura, who has worked on several of Kyoto Animation’s previous anime, has created a masterpiece that represents the studio’s standard of excellence. Though some may find it slow-paced, Tsurune: The Linking Shot is a beautiful series that is worth watching for drama and sports anime fans.

In conclusion, Tsurune: The Linking Shot is a unique and exceptional anime series that focuses on personal development, the art of kyudo, and the beauty of nature. Kyoto Animation has created a masterpiece that showcases their originality and excellence, making Tsurune a standout series. So, if you’re in search of a series that will captivate you from the very start, be sure to add Tsurune: The Linking Shot to your watchlist.

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