Everything You Need to Know About A3 Paper Size: Dimensions, Uses, and More
Everything You Need to Know About A3 Paper Size: Dimensions, Uses, and More

Everything You Need to Know About A3 Paper Size: Dimensions, Uses, and More

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A3 paper size is widely used for daily work, and it is crucial to know its dimensions, uses, and conversions to different units for various purposes. In the digital world, A3 paper size is also needed in pixels, which is why this article provides you with a comprehensive guide to A3 paper size.

Dimensions of A3 Paper

According to international standard size, A3 paper measures 297mm x 420mm (29.7cm x 42.0cm, 11.69 inches x 16.54 inches). However, it is commonly converted to other units like centimeters, inches, and pixels. A3 paper size is widely used for creating presentations, reports, and other printed documents.

A3 Paper Conversion to Pixel

The following table provides a recommended A3 paper size in pixels based on DPI (Dot per Inch) or PPI (Pixel per Inch).

– A3 – 72 PPI: 842 x 1191 pixels
– A3 – 200 PPI: 2339 x 3308 pixels
– A3 – 300 PPI: 3508 x 4962 pixels
– A3 – 400 PPI: 4677 x 6616 pixels
– A3 – 600 PPI: 7016 x 9924 pixels
– A3 – 1200 PPI: 14031 x 19848 pixels


A3 Plus Paper Size

A3 Plus is a larger variation of A3 paper size that measures 483mm x 320mm (48.7cm x 30cm, 12 inches x 19.17 inches). It is commonly used in the graphic design industry to create large-scale artworks. A3 Plus paper size is also used in laser printers for business purposes.

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Uses of A3 Paper

1. Design Paper: With its larger size, A3 paper is ideal for design professionals, allowing them to create intricate designs with ease.

2. Leaflets and Flyers: A3 paper is commonly used for creating posters, brochures, pamphlets, or even wedding invitations.

3. Artistic Paper: A3 paper is also ideal for creating unique and artistic works like Origami sculptures and other decorative crafts.

In conclusion, A3 paper size is an essential paper size that finds its application in various industries. It is crucial to be aware of its conversions to different units of measurements like centimeters, inches, and pixels to leverage its full potential.

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