Epic Showdown: Luffy vs Kizaru - One Piece 1093 Review
Epic Showdown: Luffy vs Kizaru - One Piece 1093 Review

Epic Showdown: Luffy vs Kizaru – One Piece 1093 Review

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, titled ‘Luffy vs Kizaru’, readers are treated to an epic showdown between Monkey D. Luffy and Admiral Borsalino Kizaru of the Navy. The chapter also features Zoro taking on the formidable Rob Lucci, as well as other exciting developments. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling chapter!


The battle between Luffy and Kizaru is the highlight of the chapter. As the title suggests, the two powerhouses clash in a fierce duel. What’s interesting to note is that neither Luffy nor Zoro are using Advanced Conqueror Haki in their fights, showcasing their incredible strength and skill.

Luffy, in an attempt to overpower Kizaru, unleashes his powerful Gear 5. This transformation amplifies Luffy’s strength and agility, allowing him to gain the upper hand in the battle. In a breathtaking moment, Luffy grabs Kizaru’s body and throws him aside, showcasing his incredible strength.

Meanwhile, Vegapunk and Sanji, accompanied by Atlas, make their way to Area Bawah using the Transfer Tube. The trio is on a mission to protect Vegapunk and stop the Navy forces. On the other hand, Jewelry Bonney takes on the Navy forces in Area Bawah, engaging in a fierce fight to defend her allies.

In a surprising twist, Kizaru returns with a clone made of light and launches an attack on Luffy. He also prepares to attack the Transfer Tube, posing a threat to Vegapunk, Atlas, and Sanji. However, Luffy intercepts the attack, putting himself in harm’s way to protect his comrades. This displays the unwavering determination and teamwork of the Straw Hat crew.

One of the key moments of the chapter occurs when Atlas successfully changes Kizaru’s command on the Pacifistas. This unexpected turn of events gives the Straw Hat crew an advantage in their battle against the Navy forces.

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As the chapter nears its end, readers catch a glimpse of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, leaving them intrigued about the character’s role in the future. Although Luffy’s battle against Kizaru is intense, it is not as serious as his confrontation with the powerful Yonko, Kaido.

In addition to Luffy’s battle, Zoro also engages in a fight against Rob Lucci. The confrontation between the two begins when Rob Lucci attempts to attack Vegapunk. Zoro, with his exceptional swordsmanship, takes on Rob Lucci’s Awakened form, adding another layer of excitement to the chapter.

It’s worth noting that Luffy and Zoro do not utilize Advanced Conqueror Haki in their battles. However, their raw strength and combat skills make the fights incredibly captivating.

Readers should brace themselves for the action-packed chapter 1093 of One Piece. However, after this thrilling episode, fans will have to wait patiently as the series takes a break next week.

In conclusion, ‘Luffy vs Kizaru’ is a gripping chapter that showcases intense battles and extraordinary feats of strength. With Luffy using Gear 5 and Zoro taking on Rob Lucci, readers are in for an exhilarating reading experience. The chapter’s highlight is the unwavering determination and teamwork displayed by the Straw Hat crew. As the story unfolds, readers are left excited for what’s to come. Don’t miss out on this incredible chapter of One Piece!

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