Easy Ways to Upgrade Zoom for More than 40 Minutes Securely
Easy Ways to Upgrade Zoom for More than 40 Minutes Securely

Easy Ways to Upgrade Zoom for More than 40 Minutes Securely

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When it comes to online communication, Zoom has become one of the go-to applications for virtual meetings with friends, colleagues, or business partners. However, the 40-minute limit for free users can be inconvenient, especially for important meetings. To upgrade Zoom for more than 40 minutes, here are some secure and easy ways to do it.

1. Use Recurring Meeting

The easiest way to get around Zoom’s 40-minute limit is to utilize recurring meetings. This feature invites previous participants to the same meeting, without requiring them to fill in their details again. Additionally, you can use this feature without paying for a subscription to Zoom.

To use recurring meetings, check the recurring box when scheduling the meeting, and adjust the calendar accordingly. Zoom also allows you to set up passcode waiting rooms, making it easier to share the link to participants.

2. Use Zoom for Students

Are you a student? Then you’re in luck! Zoom offers a free version of their application for students. Upgrading to the student version means you’ll get access to Zoom’s full features, without paying a dime. However, this feature requires students to register using their school’s email.


To utilize this service, follow the simple steps of opening the Zoom application and logging in, then proceed to the Zoom education feature. Accessing this feature through a school email will easily give you full access to the application.

3. Rent Zoom

If you need to use Zoom infrequently, renting a Zoom account can be a cost-effective solution. Many people offer rental services for Zoom accounts for a small fee, saving you from having to purchase a premium account, which may be more cost-effective only for daily users.

4. Upgrade Your Account

If you regularly use Zoom for important meetings or presentations, upgrading your account to the premium version is the best option. At a reasonable cost, you can access all of Zoom’s features without any limitations, including unlimited meeting duration.

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Tips on Finding Zoom Rental Services

1. Ask Around

Asking colleagues or friends if they know anyone who offers Zoom rental services is a great way to get started. Personal recommendations can give you insight into the quality of the services offered and help you find a trustworthy service provider.

2. Social Media Suggestions

Social media platforms can be a great resource when looking for Zoom rental services. Join Zoom groups, connect with people who have used the service before and ask for their opinions. You can also find people who provide rental services directly on social media.

3. Online Directories

Look for Zoom rental services on online directories designed for tech solutions. You can find testimonials and reviews from previous customers to help you make a decision.

4. Customer Feedback

Reading customer reviews can provide insight into the quality of the rental service you’re considering. You can check online forums, social media platforms, or the provider’s website for feedback from existing or previous customers.

5. Consider Cost

Before choosing a rental service, compare the prices of different providers. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’re paying for and what services are included in the rental cost.


Upgrading your Zoom account for longer meeting durations can be easy and secure. Whether you choose to utilize the recurring meeting feature, Zoom for students, rent Zoom accounts, or upgrade your account to the premium version, Zoom offers plenty of options to suit your needs. If you need to find a Zoom rental service, asking around, social media platforms, online directories, customer feedback, and price comparison are all ways to get started.

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