Dragon Ball Super Angels: Masters of Ultra Instinct and Time Manipulation
Dragon Ball Super Angels: Masters of Ultra Instinct and Time Manipulation

Dragon Ball Super Angels: Masters of Ultra Instinct and Time Manipulation

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Dragon Ball Super has introduced a group of powerful beings known as the angels. These angels possess extraordinary physical strength and magical abilities that surpass even the Destruction Gods. One of their most impressive feats is their mastery of the Ultra Instinct, a power that even surpasses the likes of Beerus and Jiren.

The angels, such as Whis, have the incredible power to manipulate time. They can reverse time up to three minutes in the past, giving them a significant advantage in any battle. This ability allows them to undo mistakes and alter the course of events. In addition, they have the power to revive and restore the life of individuals without the need for the Dragon Balls. Their abilities seem almost limitless.

An extraordinary power displayed by the angels is their ability to effortlessly destroy planets. When the Destruction Gods are unwilling or unable to fulfill their duty, the angels can step in and obliterate entire worlds. Their immense power makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Not only do the angels possess incredible physical strength, but they also have extraordinary skills when it comes to locating individuals. They can effortlessly find people across different planets, a feat that would be impossible for ordinary beings. This skill makes them invaluable when it comes to gathering information or tracking down specific targets.


The angels have another remarkable ability – they can witness and project accurate projections of past events. By using their staffs, they can show others what has happened in the past with perfect accuracy. This power allows them to share knowledge and information seamlessly.

Transporting massive objects is no feat for the angels. They can easily move objects like the Super Dragon Balls with ease. Their strength knows no bounds, and they can accomplish tasks that would seem impossible for ordinary beings.

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One of the most intriguing aspects of the angels is their physical appearance. With their white hair, they stand out from other characters in the Dragon Ball universe. This unique feature is possibly related to their constant state of Ultra Instinct, a power that sets them apart from other beings.

Whis, a mature angel, holds the knowledge and principles of Ultra Instinct. He can teach Goku and others the techniques and concepts behind this power. With their guidance, Goku and other characters can tap into the full potential of Ultra Instinct.

Although the angels possess immense power and abilities, they are not invincible. They can be hurt, although it is a remarkable achievement to even inflict damage on them. Their powers also come with limitations and consequences, particularly when it comes to manipulating time. These limitations and consequences raise questions about the extent and conditions of their abilities.

In conclusion, the angels in Dragon Ball Super are a unique and powerful group. They possess incredible physical strength, mastery of the Ultra Instinct, time manipulation abilities, and the power to revive individuals. Their existence adds new elements and excitement to the storyline. They are a force to be reckoned with and showcase the limitless possibilities within the Dragon Ball universe.

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