Discover the Two Clones in One Piece from Rocks Pirate Group
Discover the Two Clones in One Piece from Rocks Pirate Group

Discover the Two Clones in One Piece from Rocks Pirate Group

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In the One Piece storyline, the infamous Rocks Pirate Group was highly respected in the sea long before the Roger Pirate Group gained popularity. Rocks Pirate Group was a group of powerful pirates that consisted of Shirohige, Big Mom, Kaido, Captain John, Shiki, and Miss Buckingham under the captainship of Rocks D. Xebec. Nevertheless, Garp and Roger ended their domination, and their fame did not stop people from trying to find them, including the scientists from MADS who cloned one of their crew members, Miss Buckingham.

Interestingly, Teras our site has recently revealed that there are two characters in One Piece who are clones of the Rocks Pirate Group. Here are the two characters that are believed to be part of the cloned group:

1. Bonney – A notorious pirate who joined the generation of worst pirates, was also one of the supernovas and a pirate captain. However, there is a strong indication that she is a clone of Big Mom. Bonney shares a striking resemblance to Big Mom concerning hair color and insatiable appetite. Speculations arise that she is, in fact, the result of Big Mom’s cloning. This is supported by the fact that Bonney is dissimilar to her father, Kuma.

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2. Kurohige – This name is a surprise since Kurohige is currently a Yonkou. According to some clues, Kurohige is a clone of Rocks D. Xebec himself, the founder and captain of the Rocks Pirate Group. Speculations arise from the strange body structure of Kurohige’s skeleton. Kurohige has three hearts, can consume multiple devil fruits, never sleeps in his life, and has other peculiarities, indicating he is a failed clone.

The above revelations suggest that even though the Rocks Pirate Group is short-lived in the One Piece storyline, their fame continues to inspire many, including cloning attempts. Despite the entertainment insights that this article shares, we reiterate that it is purely for entertainment purposes and does not seek to alter the One Piece storyline created by Eiichiro Oda.

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