Discover the Strongest Witches in Black Clover's Black Bull Squad
Discover the Strongest Witches in Black Clover's Black Bull Squad

Discover the Strongest Witches in Black Clover’s Black Bull Squad

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Black Clover’s Black Bull Squad is one of the most renowned groups of powerful witches in the kingdom of Clover. Respected and admired by nobles and peasants alike, becoming a member is a significant achievement for any magician in the kingdom. Yet, the Black Bulls are a squad that is unappreciated and considered a bunch of misfits led by their captain, Yami Sukehiro. This article introduces the five strongest and most unique witches from the squad, showcasing their magical abilities and why they are a force to be reckoned with.

Starting the list is Henry Legolant, a junior Level 5 Magic Knight born in the kingdom of Clover. With his powerful curse magic, he can weaken his enemies and even steal their magic. Additionally, Henry can create magical chains that align with the strength of his opponents, making him a valuable asset in battles.

Next is Vanessa Enoteca, another powerful witch from the Black Bull Squad. Born in a magical forest, Vanessa possesses a unique power called Red Thread of Fate, which she uses to manipulate fate with her red-stringed cat. However, this power has its limits, as it fails against devilish magic, which also manipulates fate.

Grey, born a commoner in Clover Kingdom, is another magic user to pay attention to. He has the power of transformation, allowing him to change himself or other objects at the molecular level. His magic has been used for healing, like mending the wounds of his teammates after a battle, and even turning enemies into harmless creatures.
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Magna Swing is a commoner who uses the power of fire magic to defeat his adversaries. Although he once struggled to control his magic, Magna has undergone intensive training with the help of his teammate Luck to gain power. After six months of rigorous practice with Zora, he developed magic chains that aligned with his opponents’ strength.

Another important member of the squad is Gauche Adlai. Born with the Mirror Magic affinity, Gauche can reflect attacks and create several copies of himself. However, his unique power does not stop there. He can also use his magic to increase his mana power, and after being possessed by a fairy, he gained even more strength.

In conclusion, Black Clover’s Black Bull Squad is full of powerful and unique witches with various magical abilities. These five stand out as the strongest and most remarkable of the squad, showing their magical talents and dedication to their craft. They have proven their worth time and time again, proving that even the unappreciated and undervalued can rise to greatness with skill and dedication.

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