Discover the Coolest Tattoos on Tokyo Revengers' Characters
Discover the Coolest Tattoos on Tokyo Revengers' Characters

Discover the Coolest Tattoos on Tokyo Revengers’ Characters

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Tokyo Revengers features several characters who have cool tattoos with unique and tempting designs. These tattoos not only reflect their personalities, but also serve as a sign of being a delinquent. As the story revolves around street motorcycling gangs in Tokyo, the members usually flaunt their uniforms, bikes, and flamboyant hairstyles. Furthermore, some of them add more panache to their look by wearing earrings and tattoos. In this article, we will discuss the five coolest tattoos from the Tokyo Revengers’ characters.

9. Chonbo Kureiji

Chonbo Kureiji, the Valhalla member and captain, stands tall with thick eyebrows that he perfectly embellishes with his tattoo. The tattoo is drawn from his left eye down to his cheek, symbolizing his strength as a proficient fighter and one of the strongest inmates in the juvenile detention center.

8. Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba has the coolest tattoos on his neck and chest that represent his brutality and abusive behavior. As a member of Black Dragon Generation 10, he aids them in becoming a stronger force. However, Taiju is known for his violent behavior, often beating his opponents mercilessly. He even brutalized his younger siblings for trivial reasons.

7. Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma’s tattoo on his backhand depicts the words “Sin and Punishment” that accentuate his life. It represents his identity as a sinner and jury. He is ruthless when punishing other gang members and has no qualms about deceitful acts. Shuji is a crucial character in many story arcs of the series, displaying his tattoo every chance he gets.

6. Madarame Shion

One of the most desirable tattoos, the lion tattoo, is owned by Madarame Shion in Tokyo Revengers. The lion tattoo aptly depicts Shion’s life and strength, as he resembles a lion who protects his territory. His bravery in fights has earned him the nickname “Mad Dog.” He is a loyal friend and always stands up for his gang, never backing out of a fight.

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5. Mikey

Mikey is yet to acquire a tattoo as it hasn’t been featured in the anime yet. However, in the Bonten arc, he has a new style with black hair, and a neck tattoo of a dragon that resembles Draken’s tattoo. The tattoo symbolizes Draken’s importance in Mikey’s life. In that arc, Mikey guides Bonten on the path of darkness and eventually foils Tokyo Manji’s plan, leading to the creation of a new gang.

4. South Terano

The Rokuhara gang leader South Terano possesses a massive tattoo that starts from the left side of his head and runs through his neck and chest. Unfortunately, the name and meaning remain unknown. The tattoo represents his menacing character making him one of the most feared gang leaders in Tokyo Revengers. South Terano is not Mikey’s adversary, but he is nonetheless formidable.

In conclusion, tattoos are not only body decorations in the Tokyo Revengers universe but also an extension of the wearer’s personality. These tattoos represent their strength, brutality, sin, and power. They embody the conviction and memories of the characters, dictating their actions and direction in life.

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