Defeating Kizaru's Light Clones: Luffy's Epic Battle
Defeating Kizaru's Light Clones: Luffy's Epic Battle

Defeating Kizaru’s Light Clones: Luffy’s Epic Battle

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Kizaru’s light clone technique creates sword-wielding replicas made of light particles. Luffy finds himself in an intense battle against these clones as he activates Gear 5. In this thrilling encounter, Luffy compares Kizaru’s clones to the holograms known as ‘Hollow Hollows’ introduced by Vegapunk.

The clones, formed using Yasakani no Magatama, exhibit a stunning resemblance to real swordsman, which poses a great challenge for Luffy. While fighting, Luffy contemplates the potential use of Chekov’s weapon against Kizaru’s clones, hoping to find their weakness. However, he soon realizes that his attacks are futile since the clones are made entirely of light particles, leaving them impervious to physical harm.

Luffy’s frustration grows as he ponders the possible solution to defeat Kizaru’s clones. He wonders if Atlas’ gloves, worn by his comrade, could provide a way to physically touch and harm the light-based replicas. These gloves possess a unique ability to interact with light, making them a potential game-changer in the battle against Kizaru.

The origin and mechanics behind Kizaru’s clone creation technique remain shrouded in mystery. It is unclear how Kizaru can generate such a vast number of clones simultaneously, and where their power originates from. Speculations arise, suggesting that Kizaru’s ability may be akin to Vegapunk’s advanced hologram technology, but this connection is yet to be confirmed.

Controlling multiple clones at once should be a complex task, even for a skilled fighter like Kizaru. However, he successfully manages to direct his clones with precision, causing significant trouble for Luffy. Not only can the clones engage in combat directly, but they can also be detached from Kizaru’s original body, further complicating the situation.

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The fight intensifies as Luffy strives to find a way to overcome Kizaru’s clones. The gloves worn by Atlas, which have the unique ability to touch light, may prove to be the key to turning the tides of the battle. If Luffy can harness the gloves’ power effectively, he may gain the upper hand in his confrontation against Kizaru and protect his Straw Hat crew.

In conclusion, Kizaru’s light clone technique presents a formidable challenge for Luffy. These sword-wielding replicas, created using Yasakani no Magatama, are reminiscent of Vegapunk’s ‘Hollow Hollows’ holograms. Luffy’s hope lies in exploiting the potential of Atlas’ gloves, which may allow him to physically interact with the light clones. The origin and mechanics of Kizaru’s clone creation technique remain shrouded in mystery, leaving Luffy to ponder the true nature of his opponent’s powers. As the battle rages on, Luffy’s determination grows, fueled by the belief that he can overcome any challenge in his quest to protect his friends and achieve victory.

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