Danzo Shimura: The True Villain in Naruto
Danzo Shimura: The True Villain in Naruto

Danzo Shimura: The True Villain in Naruto

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Danzo Shimura is known for his evil deeds in the world of Naruto. Although his intentions may seem noble, his decisions often lead to conflicts and greater impact on Konoha. Here are six reasons why Danzo Shimura is the true enemy in Naruto.

1. The Mastermind behind the Evil Akatsuki

In the anime, Danzo was revealed to be the mastermind behind the formation of the evil Akatsuki. He manipulated Hanzo and Akatsuki leader Yahiko, causing a conflict between them. Ultimately, Danzo and Hanzo worked together to eliminate Yahiko and his followers, resulting in the creation of the evil Akatsuki.

2. Stolen Mangekyou Shisui Leads to Uchiha Massacre

Shisui possessed the powerful Mangekyou Sharingan that could have been used for peace negotiations between Konoha and Uchiha. Danzo stole Shisui’s eyes for his own purposes, eliminating the possibility of peace and leading to the Uchiha massacre.


3. Uchiha Massacre was Danzo’s Plan All Along

While Hiruzen attempted to find a peaceful solution, Danzo had other plans. He viewed the Uchiha as a potential threat to Konoha and himself as Hokage. Danzo also needed Sharingan eyes for his personal experiments, leading to the Uchiha massacre.

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4. Facilitating Orochimaru’s Experiments

Danzo supported Orochimaru and his illegal experiments in Konoha. It is clear that Danzo will do whatever it takes to protect Konoha, even if it means using cruel and unethical methods.

5. Anbu Root and its Inhumane Ways

Danzo’s Anbu Root was a rival to the Konoha Anbu. Danzo recruited orphans and kidnapped children to become Root members. These children were raised to become ruthless killers without emotions. Danzo indoctrinated his followers to be loyal to him, leading to extreme measures to protect Konoha.

6. Danzo Leaks Naruto’s Identity

Danzo leaked Naruto’s identity as the Kyubi Jinchuriki, causing Naruto to be feared and loathed by Konoha villagers. Without Danzo’s actions, Naruto could have led a more normal childhood.

In conclusion, Danzo Shimura may have had noble intentions but his methods were evil and caused greater harm to Konoha. It is clear that he was the true villain in Naruto.

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