Cross Guild: The Dangerous Organization in One Piece 1083
Cross Guild: The Dangerous Organization in One Piece 1083

Cross Guild: The Dangerous Organization in One Piece 1083

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The highly anticipated war promised by Eiichiro Oda is finally coming soon after the release of One Piece 1083. In this latest leak, it’s revealed that the story is starting to focus more on the battle between the Navy and the World Government, and the appearance of the Cross Guild organization in One Piece 1083 is predicted to cause chaos. Fans claim that this group is more dangerous than the Yonko and pose a significant threat to the Navy and the World Government.

According to Patriot our, Cross Guild is known to have three members: Buggy, Dracule Mihawk, and Crocodile. All three members have a bad reputation with the Navy and the World Government, which means that the latter must strengthen their forces to maintain their authority from One Piece 1083 onward.

Buggy, a former crew member of Monkey D. Roger, has declared himself involved in the hunt for One Piece treasure. Currently, Buggy is a Yonko with a bounty of 3,189 billion belly, surpassing Luffy’s.

Mihawk, on the other hand, is a former Shichibukai and his enormous strength is well-known in the Navy. Compared to his rival Yonko, Shanks, Mihawk is claimed to be more powerful. Although his full strength hasn’t been displayed yet, his aura and sharp eyes make him mysterious and dangerous.
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And lastly, there’s Crocodile, the former leader of the secret criminal syndicate, Baroque Works. Despite his strength being unknown, his experience in leading an organization is exceedingly valuable, making Cross Guild a potentially significant enemy to the World Government.

With Buggy as a Yonko and Mihawk and Crocodile being equally potent, the Cross Guild is considered more dangerous than the Yonko. Will this group grow more prominent and become the World Government’s biggest adversary? One Piece 1083 will unveil the truth, so stay tuned for this highly anticipated episode.

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