Cross Guild in One Piece: Buggy's Leadership and Doflamingo's Release
Cross Guild in One Piece: Buggy's Leadership and Doflamingo's Release

Cross Guild in One Piece: Buggy’s Leadership and Doflamingo’s Release

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When it comes to the storyline of One Piece, Cross Guild organization is becoming increasingly brutal. As seen in One Piece 1083, this organization founded by Crocodile has brought together old friends Mihawk and Buggy. Mihawk and Crocodile agreed to establish Cross Guild and made Buggy the leader as he had a great crew. The purpose of establishing Cross Guild was to break the tyranny of the world government.

In Chapter 1084, Cross Guild moved towards Impel Down prison because Buggy, Mihawk, and Crocodile wanted to free Doflamingo. Despite ending tragically at the hands of Luffy, Doflamingo was a great character in One Piece. To free him, Mihawk had to confront Fujitora, while Crocodile had to face Magellan. Meanwhile, Captain Buggy was on a mission to save Doflamingo.

With his experience, Buggy quickly moved towards Impel Down level 6 as he knew where Doflamingo was being held. His devil fruit power helped him deceive all the prison guards. When he was about to free Doflamingo, he asked him to join Cross Guild, to which Doflamingo promptly agreed. His current orientation aligned with the mission of Cross Guild, leading to Buggy releasing him with sincerity.

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As expected, the release of Doflamingo made the navy move, but Doflamingo managed to defeat them all. Chapter 1074 of One Piece will be about Cross Guild. This is interesting because Eiichiro Oda will certainly give us surprises after surprises.

Disclaimer: This article is created solely for entertainment purposes and is not intended to precede or alter the storyline of One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda.

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