Controversy Surrounding the Fate of Shanks in One Piece
Controversy Surrounding the Fate of Shanks in One Piece

Controversy Surrounding the Fate of Shanks in One Piece

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As an avid One Piece fan, you might have already heard that the fate of Shanks in the manga’s Final Saga is in question. The mangaka behind One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, has recently expressed his frustration over leaked spoilers on social media platforms, setting the fandom into a frenzy.

According to Oda, he experienced severe headaches and dissatisfaction after the leaked spoilers ruined the surprise of Ace’s death in chapter 574 of the manga. Now, similar events are unfolding with leaked information suggesting that Shanks may also meet his end in the Final Saga. As expected, Oda is fuming, as the leaked details are far more comprehensive than those for Ace’s demise.

The rumors about Shanks’ fate are that he will die in the Final Saga while fighting against the most dangerous pirate in the One Piece universe, Kurohige. The circumstances surrounding Shanks’ potential death are uncannily similar to Ace’s death at the hands of Blackbeard. In case you don’t remember, Ace lost his life protecting his younger brother, Luffy, during the chaos of the Marineford arc.

According to insiders, during the Final Saga, the world government and all pirate crews (with the exception of Kurohige) will unite to form a formidable alliance for a final showdown. Strangely enough, Shanks will be the one chosen to lead the war against the Marines. However, in unexpected fashion, Shanks will refuse the offer and anoint Monkey D. Luffy to lead the war instead.
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During the war, Luffy strategically splits his forces to attack from different flanks. On the right side, he commands Zoro, Kid and Law to start the assault. On the left, Buggy and Sanji command the attack. Luffy himself leads the main army to the direct center of the fray. Meanwhile, he orders Shanks to defend from the back and prevent any enemy sneak attacks.

In an unlucky turn of events for Shanks, his mission requires him to fend off Kurohige, who has been assigned by the Five Elders of the world government to lead the sneak attack against Luffy’s forces. Eventually, Shanks will lose his life as he tries to prevent Kurohige’s troops from reaching Luffy. This turn of events is upsetting fans and has triggered a delay in the release of the manga, according to Oda himself.

In conclusion, One Piece fans eagerly await the release of more information and confirmation of these leaked spoilers. One can only hope that the mangaka will continue to surprise the fandom with new twists and turns amid all the uproar. In the meantime, it’s essential to take any rumors with a grain of salt and wait for official releases of new chapters. Stay tuned!

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