Choose or Die: A Thrilling Horror Film with Video Game Theme - Synopsis
Choose or Die: A Thrilling Horror Film with Video Game Theme - Synopsis

Choose or Die: A Thrilling Horror Film with Video Game Theme – Synopsis

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Choose or Die is an original horror thriller film produced in England and directed by Toby Meakins. The film revolves around Kayla, a hardworking college student whose life takes a drastic and spooky turn after getting trapped in a retro video game. With the help of Isaac, she tries to track down the game that sacrifices the souls of her loved ones. The film was released on Netflix on April 15, 2022, and stars Asa Butterfield.


Kayla is a hardworking college student who is consistently bland and boring. She goes to work as a janitor in a corporate office building and takes care of her mother, who is traumatized after the death of her sister. Kayla frequently gives old technological devices to Isaac, her computer geek friend. One day, while waiting for Isaac at a cafe, Kayla starts playing an old video game called CURS>R, which promises a large sum of money as a reward if she wins. This game is based on a question-and-answer format. Kayla has no idea that the game demands someone’s soul as the answer to its questions. Due to her answer, a cafe server dies after swallowing a glass shard. Kayla tried to close the laptop, but she was haunted by the ghost of her late sister.

After the incident, Kayla found herself waking up in her bedroom. She destroyed the game cassette and told Isaac about the incident. That night, while Kayla is at work, the game unexpectedly appears on a TV in the office. Her mother called her about a mouse attack at home. The incident is connected to this deadly game. Kayla tries to find a way out for her mother but ends up accidentally causing her mother to fall from the apartment window. Fortunately, her mother survives and is hospitalized. Kayla then visits Isaac to unravel the mystery behind this video game. Isaac tries to get into the program and only finds several symbols they don’t understand. They must enter into the game again. After choosing one of the doors, they find themselves in a swimming pool where Kayla’s brother Ricky drowned. Here, Isaac is attacked by ghost Ricky, and they both lie at the bottom of the pool. Kayla must choose between Isaac or Ricky. She chooses Isaac, and Ricky’s ghost attacks her. Kayla reluctantly chokes Ricky’s ghost until he becomes helpless. The game is over, and they are back in Isaac’s apartment.

They then trace Kayla’s phone number linked to the game. After finding the address, they head to the location. They found only an audio recording from an auto recorder. Moving deeper, they come across another room. They play a video that records the beginning of this cursed video game. The game starts faster than usual. Isaac got stuck inside after trying to break the computer’s power supply. Upon Kayla’s choice, Isaac dies after taking out a very long film roll from his mouth. Kayla survives the level and has the right to face the big boss. Who is this big boss, and how will Kayla defeat it? Watch the movie to find out the mystery behind this spine-chilling video game.
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Horror Modernity with Nostalgic Flair

The video game horrors of Choose or Die are set in modern times, but its nostalgic ambiance with the 1980s is unmistakable. Isaac’s old and outdated computer technology is in stark contrast to Hal’s more sophisticated computer, even though he is elderly and loves all things from the 1980s. This can be understood because Isaac is a computer geek, but he isn’t wealthy like Hal, so his computer technology is limited. Isaac is also a lover of the 1980s, as evidenced by his jacket and car. The modern atmosphere of suburban London is shown beautifully as part of its cinematography, but also covered by the retro atmosphere created. This atmosphere creates ambiguity in the film’s setting, is it in the 1980s or modern times? The horror atmosphere created in this 1 hour 24-minute film is highly inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). The film’s manifestation and hallucination are created by the deadly video game for the players. This inspiration is further strengthened by the presence of Robert Englund’s voice, who played Freddy Krueger, on the answering machine.


Choose or Die is a thrilling, spine-chilling horror film with a video game theme that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The film’s nostalgic flair with its 1980s vibe and modern setting create a unique atmosphere. Asa Butterfield’s exceptional acting and the inspired horror of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) make this film an exhilarating watch. Anyone who loves horror films or video games will definitely love Choose or Die.

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