Challenges and Conflicts in Pursuing Filmmaking Dreams in Indonesia
Challenges and Conflicts in Pursuing Filmmaking Dreams in Indonesia

Challenges and Conflicts in Pursuing Filmmaking Dreams in Indonesia

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Have you ever had a dream that seemed impossible to achieve? For Gloria Sinaga, a talented filmmaker from Indonesia, her dream of making her second film has been put on hold for the past four years. In this article, we will explore the challenges and conflicts she faces in pursuing her filmmaking dreams while dealing with societal expectations.

Gloria Sinaga is a driven and passionate filmmaker who has been struggling to create her second film. Despite her talent and dedication to her craft, she has faced numerous setbacks and frustrations. One of the biggest obstacles in her path is her mother, Mak Gondut.

Mak Gondut, wanting to see her daughter settled down, offers to fund Gloria’s film if she agrees to get married. However, Gloria is determined to create a professional film and not settle for anything less than her best work. She refuses to compromise her dreams for the sake of societal expectations.

Glo’s friend Acun brings her an invitation to a film premiere, which ignites a spark of inspiration within her. She realizes that she cannot let her dreams die and decides to seek advice from Opung, her wise and supportive friend.

As Glo struggles to come up with a screenplay for her second film, she is faced with a personal revelation from her friend and coworker, Niki. Despite identifying as a lesbian, Niki reveals that she is pregnant. This unexpected news challenges Glo’s perspective on personal and societal expectations.

Glo’s determination to create a meaningful film is tested further as she tries to pitch her ideas to various producers and executives. The road to success in the Indonesian film industry is not an easy one, and Glo faces rejection and disappointment at every turn. Her comments about the challenges of filmmaking even result in a warning from the head of her department.

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Throughout her journey, Mak Gondut continues to pressure Glo to get married. She even goes as far as offering her life insurance money as funding for Glo’s film. However, Glo remains steadfast in her pursuit of her dreams. To defy her mother’s wishes, she brings Niki as her potential spouse, challenging traditional expectations.

Not everyone supports Glo’s decision, including her aunt who discourages her from marrying another Batak person. Glo’s aunt believes that marrying within the same ethnic group limits opportunities and growth. However, Glo remains determined to follow her heart and make her own choices.

As the pressure from her mother increases, Mak Gondut becomes more religious and starts actively seeking a spouse for Glo. This only adds to Glo’s frustrations and conflicts. She begins to question societal norms and expectations, realizing that a woman’s worth should not be solely judged by her ability to have children.

In conclusion, Gloria Sinaga’s journey in pursuing her filmmaking dreams while dealing with societal expectations is filled with challenges and conflicts. Despite these hurdles, she remains determined to follow her own path and create meaningful work. Her story is a reminder that individuals should pursue their dreams and aspirations, regardless of societal pressures. The Indonesian film industry may be tough, but with passion and determination, anything is possible.

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