Caribou's Identity Revealed as Kurohige's Informant in One Piece 1090
Caribou's Identity Revealed as Kurohige's Informant in One Piece 1090

Caribou’s Identity Revealed as Kurohige’s Informant in One Piece 1090

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In the latest chapter of One Piece, titled 1090, a shocking revelation about Caribou’s true identity has left fans in disbelief. Eiichiro Oda, the mastermind behind the popular manga series, has kept Caribou’s current condition a mystery since his presence was known by Luffy’s crew. But now, in issue 1090, the truth is finally unveiled.

Caribou, a former enemy turned ally, has secretly been on board Thousand Sunny multiple times. After parting ways with Luffy on Fishman Island, Caribou unexpectedly resurfaces in Wano Kuni, where the Straw Hat crew is embroiled in a fierce battle against Kaido and his forces.

It is revealed that Caribou plays a significant role in assisting Luffy in his mission to rescue the prisoners in Wano Kuni. However, his actions raise suspicions when he sneaks into the Sunny Go and arrives at Egghead Island. Kurohige’s pirate ship unexpectedly appears near Egghead Island, leading everyone to believe that Caribou may be a spy.

As the storyline progresses, Oda drops subtle hints about Caribou having someone to contact within Kurohige’s crew. This revelation sheds light on the fact that Kurohige, as one of the Four Emperors, is expected to have multiple informants due to his importance and access to vital information.
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Kurohige’s pirate crew discovers Trafalgar Law’s planned route after parting ways with the Straw Hat Pirates in Wano Kuni. Caribou becomes the prime suspect as the person leaking information to Kurohige. His opportunistic nature and previous involvement in selling information make him the most likely candidate.

Caribou has a history of selling information in the underworld, with Kurohige being one of his customers. While he is not directly affiliated with Kurohige’s crew, he has a mutually beneficial relationship with them. This reveals Caribou’s status within Kurohige’s group, which is similar to Apoo’s status in Kaido’s animal-themed pirate crew.

In conclusion, the latest chapter of One Piece unveils Caribou’s true allegiance and role as an informant for Kurohige. It highlights the importance of information and the involvement of multiple parties in the ongoing conflict. As the story progresses, fans are left wondering about the extent of Caribou’s involvement and the impact it will have on Luffy and his crew.

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