Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 13: The Climactic Battle Begins
Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 13: The Climactic Battle Begins

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 13: The Climactic Battle Begins

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Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 13: The Climactic Battle Begins

Bungo Stray Dogs anime is all set to air its final episode, Episode 13 titled ‘Langit Runtuh’ on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, at 9:00 PM WIB. This episode can be streamed on multiple platforms like iQIYI, Vidio, and Bstation. The episode will showcase the culmination of the fierce battle between the agency’s detective group, the police militia, the terrorist organization V, and the hunting dogs.

In this final episode, the detective agency will take control of the conflict between the police militia and the terrorist group presented by the casino manager, Sigma. In the previous episode, the remaining agency members, Atsushi, Kyoka, assisted by Sakaguchi Ango and Lucy, managed to lead the police militia to Skyward Casino, where they engaged in a battle with the hunting dogs or police militia against Sigma, a member of the terrorist organization V.

Atsushi led Tachihara, a police militia member, to the secret room of Skyward Casino. There, Tachihara found a coin filled with explosives that were to be traded worldwide. Triggering the explosive coin could lead to World War III. However, Sigma had no other option than to use the explosive coin as a weapon to suppress the police militia.


Unfortunately, Sigma’s explosive coin failed to stop the police militia. Sigma then chose another way by turning the police militia into a bounty. Anyone who killed them would be rewarded, one of which included debt repayment. The residents at the casino then hunted the police militia, who couldn’t attack the civilians and therefore had to avoid them as much as possible.

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As predicted by Atsushi and Dazai, the police militia entered the communication room to spread information about what was happening. After this action, the agency group will assist the police militia in handling Sigma. This action is taken to clear the agency’s detective group name, which has been tarnished by the terrorist group.

However, this episode would also bring the possibility of the other V terrorist members’ presence. They came to assist Sigma against the police militia and armed detective group. The battle would undoubtedly intensify among the three groups, making it more intense and exciting.

Make sure to catch the epic final episode of the Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 on your favorite streaming platform.

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