Buggy the Clown's Chance to Become Pirate King in One Piece
Buggy the Clown's Chance to Become Pirate King in One Piece

Buggy the Clown’s Chance to Become Pirate King in One Piece

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Buggy the Clown may be the strongest contender to take the throne as Pirate King in the One Piece world. The latest chapter of the manga, One Piece chapter 1084, reveals that this once-weak character has the potential to become the Raja Bajak Laut. This is a dream that Luffy has also been chasing, but the fact that Buggy can fulfill it cannot be ignored.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, seems to favor Buggy as a character. In chapter 1082, Buggy expressed his desire to become Pirate King, and this was followed by his appearance in the latest chapter. The fact that Oda is involving Buggy in the search for the One Piece on Raftel suggests that he could even be promoted to the rank of Yonkou.

The Yonkou are usually reserved for the strongest of characters, such as Kaido, Shirohige, Big Mom, and Shanks. However, Buggy’s unique qualities make him stand out. Though he may be considered weak, he has been fortunate enough to have a strong crew, made up mostly of former prisoners from Impel Down. He also belongs to the Cross Guild, which includes powerful One Piece characters like Mihawk and Crocodile.

Buggy’s desire to become Pirate King stems from his past as one of Gol D Roger’s crew members. He sailed with Roger on his way to Raftel, where the One Piece treasure is said to be hidden. This ambitious clown even managed to find four of the road poneglyphs that point the way to this treasure, but he was stopped by illness before he could reach his goal.

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If Buggy were to achieve his dream and become Pirate King, Eiichiro Oda would have the opportunity to explore Roger’s former crew. There is a secret island where all the former members of Roger’s crew are said to gather, and Oda has only revealed a few members, including Rayleigh, Crocus, Shanks, and Buggy. This could shed light on the whereabouts of Scopper Gaban, whose fate is still uncertain.

In conclusion, Buggy the Clown’s chance to become Pirate King is significant. His potential, despite his weaknesses, has been acknowledged by Oda himself. It would be interesting to see how this character would grow and what other surprises he would bring to the story.

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