Boruto's Uncontrollable Rage: Exploring His Berserk State in Konoha Village
Boruto's Uncontrollable Rage: Exploring His Berserk State in Konoha Village

Boruto’s Uncontrollable Rage: Exploring His Berserk State in Konoha Village

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In the continuation of the manga Two Blue Vortex, fans are eagerly anticipating a major event that is predicted to shake Konoha Village to its core. It is speculated that Boruto, the main protagonist, will go berserk, with his rampage triggered by his beloved sister Himawari being made to cry. This intense emotional turmoil is expected to be explored in the Boruto manga, delving into the depths of Boruto’s anger and the potential consequences of Himawari’s safety being compromised.

Boruto’s emotions towards Himawari are heavily influenced by their unbroken sibling bond. The theory that Himawari’s distressing event may potentially enhance Boruto’s power adds an intriguing element to the story. This speculation raises questions about the source and limits of Boruto’s abilities, as well as the potential role Himawari plays in his emotional and physical growth.

Comparisons can be drawn between Boruto’s anger towards Himawari’s suffering and his previous emotional outburst when Kagura was killed. The impact of these events on Boruto’s psyche can be seen as a reflection of the deep connections he forms with those he cares about. While Boruto’s rage in the anime adaptation was portrayed as somewhat comical instead of threatening, the manga has the potential to delve into the darker aspects of Boruto’s emotions, providing a more nuanced and intense portrayal.

Speculations about the potential threat to Himawari’s safety also involve the character Code, who may have the capability to harm her during the arrival of Konoha Village. This raises the question of how Boruto’s friends, or even Kawaki, might intervene to protect Himawari. The potential clash between Boruto’s uncontrollable rage and the opposing forces that threaten his sister’s safety creates an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation.

Boruto’s affection for Himawari has been evident in previous episodes, with episode 51 being a prime example. His frustration at Naruto’s absence during his own birthday showcases his deep-rooted desire for his father’s presence and attention. This emotional vulnerability further intensifies the bond between Boruto and Himawari, making the potential harm inflicted upon her a trigger for Boruto’s uncontrollable rage.

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The significance of Boruto’s ability to control the powers of Momoshiki, a powerful antagonist, cannot be overlooked. With the newfound ability to protect those around him, Boruto’s uncontrollable rage becomes even more unpredictable and potentially dangerous. This raises questions about the limits of his control over these powers and whether they can be harnessed to protect Himawari or if they will contribute to the escalation of his berserk state.

Another aspect that intrigues readers is Himawari’s intuition regarding Naruto’s fate. Her ability to sense and predict events adds a mysterious element to the story and raises questions about the true nature of her powers. The anticipation of how these powers may come into play in the midst of Boruto’s uncontrollable rage adds another layer of excitement and curiosity.

Overall, the manga Two Blue Vortex is predicted to further explore Boruto’s berserk state in Konoha Village. This highly anticipated event is expected to provide insight into Boruto’s emotional journey and the lengths he will go to protect his loved ones. As fans anxiously await the release of the upcoming chapters, the emotional rollercoaster that awaits Boruto and the consequences of his uncontrollable rage continue to captivate audiences around the world.

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