Boruto's Powerful Development: Training with Sasuke and the Timeskip
Boruto's Powerful Development: Training with Sasuke and the Timeskip

Boruto’s Powerful Development: Training with Sasuke and the Timeskip

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In the world of Boruto, the path to becoming a shinobi is fraught with challenges and battles. As the story progresses, we see Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto Uzumaki, embark on his own journey to become a powerful ninja. In this article, we will delve into the key points surrounding Boruto’s training with Sasuke before the timeskip, his potential development of new powers, and the anticipation of stronger opponents.

Before the timeskip, Boruto undergoes rigorous training with Sasuke, one of the legendary Sannin who was also Naruto’s mentor. This training serves as a crucial foundation for Boruto’s growth and sets the stage for his future battles. The manga ‘Two Blue Vortex’ is the vessel through which we will witness Boruto’s newfound powers.

One of the key highlights is the development of Boruto’s powers after completing his training with Sasuke. Through his training, Boruto explores and hones his abilities to face the challenges that lie ahead. However, as he develops, he may encounter even stronger opponents, pushing him to new heights.

In the Boruto series, Kaguya, Momoshiki, and Isshiki have already met their demise. These formidable Otsutsuki beings posed a significant threat to Boruto and his allies. However, the next Otsutsuki sent to Earth might prove to be even stronger. This hints at the potential conflicts that await our young hero.

The upcoming August chapter promises to be filled with significant events. As the story progresses, we can expect to witness the growth and evolution of Boruto’s character. Being an Otsutsuki himself, Boruto’s journey will likely include the development of senjutsu abilities, tapping into the mystical energy of nature to enhance his powers.

During the timeskip, Boruto may seek to master different chakra nature elements. Chakra, the life force that fuels shinobi abilities, can be manipulated and controlled to wield various elemental powers, such as fire, water, and lightning. By mastering different chakra natures, Boruto can expand his arsenal and adapt to different combat situations.

In addition to mastering chakra elements, Boruto may also learn to use Chidori, a powerful lightning-based technique. Chidori was originally created by Sasuke’s older brother, Itachi Uchiha, and was passed down to Sasuke. It is a technique characterized by its speed and piercing power. Developing a similar attack would add a new dimension to Boruto’s fighting style.

The power of the Wood Dragon is another ability that Boruto may possess. This power, associated with the Hashirama Senju, allows the user to create massive wooden constructs, granting them formidable offensive and defensive capabilities. If Boruto gains control over the Wood Dragon, it would further elevate his status as a formidable shinobi.

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Boruto’s potential growth extends beyond individual techniques. He may even combine Chidori and Rasengan, two iconic techniques that hold great significance in the Naruto universe, to create a unique and powerful technique of his own. This fusion of two powerful techniques would showcase Boruto’s creativity and ingenuity on the battlefield.

Flying abilities are anticipated for both Boruto and Kawaki during the timeskip. Just as Naruto had the power to fly using his chakra, it is likely that Boruto and Kawaki will also gain this ability. Flying opens up new possibilities for aerial combat and strategic maneuverability.

In terms of weaponry, Boruto will eventually possess a sword and fight in a style reminiscent of Sasuke. This transition signifies his growth and evolution as a warrior. The sword will become an extension of his strength, allowing him to engage in close combat with finesse and precision.

Awakening some of Momoshiki’s abilities is another possibility for Boruto. Momoshiki, a powerful Otsutsuki, possessed various abilities that granted him immense power, such as the Golem and the Phoenix. If Boruto awakens these dormant abilities within himself, he would gain access to a whole new level of strength and versatility.

A fusion of Momoshiki and Kinshiki’s powers could play a pivotal role in Boruto’s journey. Momoshiki and Kinshiki were Otsutsuki beings who invaded Earth in search of the divine tree. They possessed unimaginable power and wreaked havoc on the shinobi forces. If Boruto can tap into their combined powers, it would provide him with an unprecedented advantage in battles to come.

In conclusion, Boruto’s training with Sasuke before the timeskip sets the stage for his powerful development. As the manga ‘Two Blue Vortex’ progresses, we can expect to witness Boruto’s growth, the potential awakening of new powers, and the challenges he will face as an Otsutsuki. The timeskip holds significant events, offering possibilities of mastering different chakra nature elements, combining techniques, and unlocking dormant abilities. Boruto’s journey continues to unfold, and his path is paved with excitement and danger.

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