Boruto's New Powers: Unlocking the Potential Friendship with Momoshiki
Boruto's New Powers: Unlocking the Potential Friendship with Momoshiki

Boruto’s New Powers: Unlocking the Potential Friendship with Momoshiki

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Boruto, the protagonist of the manga series, has recently gained new powers after forming a bond with Momoshiki. In manga chapter 2, Boruto showcases his incredible abilities by demonstrating the Rasengan Uzuhiko.

One of the most intriguing aspects of their connection is the Karma seal, through which Momoshiki can inhabit Boruto’s body. This seal allows Momoshiki to reside within Boruto and exert control over him.

In a shocking turn of events, Boruto ultimately sacrifices himself to save Momoshiki, resulting in him receiving 18% of Momoshiki’s Otsutsuki data. As a consequence, Momoshiki remains inside Boruto and continues to manipulate him for his own purposes.

Despite this complicated situation, there is a possibility that Boruto and Momoshiki may eventually develop a true friendship. This potential friendship opens up a world of possibilities for Boruto in terms of his powers.

By forming a bond with Momoshiki, Boruto could gain access to a range of abilities. One such power is the ability to see the future, which Momoshiki’s Byakugan possesses. It is speculated that Boruto may regain the Byakugan once he establishes a stronger connection with Momoshiki. This ability to see the future could greatly impact Boruto’s battles and strategic decisions.

Furthermore, Momoshiki has shown the ability to manipulate time. This extraordinary power could potentially be passed on to Boruto through their friendship. The ability to control time would give Boruto a significant advantage in combat, allowing him to alter the flow of events to his advantage.

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Momoshiki’s Avatar, a gigantic dog, possesses incredible speed, making it a formidable force in battle. Boruto could harness this power through their friendship, using the Avatar’s speed to his advantage.

Another intriguing ability of Momoshiki is his capability to create various weapons using his body’s cells. These weapons are highly durable and resistant to attacks. By aligning himself with Momoshiki, Boruto could access this arsenal and gain an advantage over his adversaries.

In conclusion, Boruto’s newfound powers, attained through his connection with Momoshiki, hold immense potential. The friendship between Boruto and Momoshiki could unlock abilities such as seeing the future, controlling time, harnessing the Avatar’s speed, and utilizing an array of powerful weapons. As Boruto continues to evolve and his bond with Momoshiki deepens, fans are excited to witness the incredible powers he may develop.

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