Boruto: Momoshiki's Predictions Come True as he Attempts to Take Over Boruto's Body
Boruto: Momoshiki's Predictions Come True as he Attempts to Take Over Boruto's Body

Boruto: Momoshiki’s Predictions Come True as he Attempts to Take Over Boruto’s Body

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The world of Boruto has been filled with suspense and uncertainty as Momoshiki, an Otsutsuki clan member, predicts that Boruto will lose everything. These predictions have proven to be true, as Boruto’s life takes a dark turn in both the anime and manga.

Momoshiki, with the ability to see glimpses of the future, has foreseen Boruto’s heartbreaking fate. Despite his young age, Boruto has already become a pure Otsutsuki, making him a target for Momoshiki’s sinister plans.

In a shocking turn of events, Momoshiki takes over Boruto’s body to aid Kawaki’s escape from Konoha. It is revealed that Momoshiki needs Kawaki to become a sacrifice for the Juubi, a powerful entity that Momoshiki seeks to control.

Adding fuel to the fire, Boruto has already suffered immense loss after Eida, who possesses Zenno powers, used her abilities to wreak havoc. This devastating event marks the beginning of Boruto’s descent into darkness, as he continues to lose everything.

What makes these events even more intriguing is that Boruto and Kawaki have switched destinies. Once seen as the troubled one, Boruto is now falsely accused of killing Naruto, while Kawaki struggles to find redemption.

Momoshiki’s motives become clearer as he reveals his desire for Boruto to give up his body. This ominous request and Momoshiki’s obsession with Boruto’s blue eye, which is said to be connected to his predicted loss, raise questions about the true meaning behind these statements.

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The mystery around Boruto’s blue eye deepens when it is injured while protecting Sarada from Kawaki. This injury serves as a constant reminder of the impending doom that Momoshiki has foretold for Boruto.

Throughout the manga and anime, Momoshiki’s predictions regarding Boruto losing everything have remained consistent. This consistency adds a chilling element to the story, as Boruto’s fate seems to be sealed.

In chapter 80 of the manga, Momoshiki’s true intentions come to light. He not only desires for Boruto to lose everything but also attempts to take over Boruto’s body, trapping him in an eternal slumber.

In conclusion, Momoshiki’s predictions about Boruto losing everything have come true, and he is actively trying to take over Boruto’s body. The ongoing battle between Boruto and Momoshiki sparks curiosity and suspense among viewers and readers. Will Boruto be able to defy his predicted fate and overcome the darkness that threatens to consume him? Only time will tell.

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