Boruto Chapter 81 Raw Version: Boruto and Kawaki Reunite After Time Skip
Boruto Chapter 81 Raw Version: Boruto and Kawaki Reunite After Time Skip

Boruto Chapter 81 Raw Version: Boruto and Kawaki Reunite After Time Skip

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The highly anticipated Boruto Chapter 81 raw version has started circulating on social media, creating a buzz among fans. In this chapter, we see the reunion of Boruto and Kawaki after a time skip, but their meeting is not without its challenges. Code, a new adversary, also causes chaos in their lives.

Speculation about the truth behind the Omnipotent is also being discussed, adding to the intrigue of the story. As the plot thickens, we learn more about the characters and their motivations.

One of the key figures in the story, Sasuke, is rumored to have visited the Hokage’s office to meet with Shikamaru. His departure raises questions about his intentions and his role in the events to come.

Sasuke is known for his hard work and opportunistic nature. He is not afraid to stand up against Konoha when he believes it is necessary. His presence in the story adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

In this chapter, Boruto once again crosses paths with Kawaki outside the village gates, but they are not alone. Code, accompanied by his minions, spreads chaos and destruction wherever he goes.

Despite the danger they face, Kawaki remains fearless when confronting his opponents. With his unwavering determination, he stands alongside Boruto as they face the challenges ahead.

Equipped with the legendary Kusanagi sword, Boruto joins forces with Sasuke to take on Kawaki and Code. This epic battle promises to showcase the new abilities Boruto has learned from his mentor.

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As the story progresses, Boruto and Kawaki prepare to face the next set of challenges that await them. Together, they will unravel the mysteries and dangers that lie ahead.

Sasuke Uchiha plays a pivotal role in Boruto’s journey and development. As his mentor and teacher, Sasuke guides Boruto with a firm hand and imparts valuable lessons to him.

The release of the raw version of Boruto Chapter 81 has captivated the attention of many fans. The speculation surrounding Sasuke’s visit to the Hokage’s office adds to the intrigue and excitement surrounding the storyline.

Stay tuned for the next chapter to continue the thrilling adventure of Boruto and his friends. With each new installment, the story promises to deliver excitement, action, and surprises.

In conclusion, Boruto Chapter 81 is a highly anticipated part of the Boruto manga series. With the reunion of Boruto and Kawaki, the introduction of Code as an antagonist, and the mystery surrounding Sasuke’s actions, fans can expect a thrilling and action-packed storyline. Don’t miss out on the next chapter and witness the development of these beloved characters as they navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

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