Boruto Chapter 79: Momoshiki's prophecy comes true as Boruto loses everything
Boruto Chapter 79: Momoshiki's prophecy comes true as Boruto loses everything

Boruto Chapter 79: Momoshiki’s prophecy comes true as Boruto loses everything

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In the Boruto Chapter 79, everything that Momoshiki Otsutsuki prophesied has come true. At first, fans were confused about what Momoshiki meant when he spoke to Boruto. But in Chapter 79, it is revealed that Momoshiki’s prophecy was about Boruto losing everything.

The situation arises when Eida uses her Mahakuasa power to switch the fates of Boruto and Kawaki. Eida’s ability turns Kawaki into a Konoha resident and Hinata and Naruto’s son, with the Uzumaki title behind his name. Boruto, on the other hand, is labeled a criminal who killed Naruto and is hated by the people of Konoha. Eida manipulates the minds of those around Naruto’s son, so no one recognizes him except for Sarada.

Before this significant change in Boruto’s life, Momoshiki had predicted it all. His prophecy comes true when Jougan takes everything from Boruto. Initially, the prediction applied to Momoshiki when he inhabited Boruto’s body. However, Momoshiki had foreseen a future where Eida and Kawaki would be the ones to take everything from Boruto.

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In the upcoming Chapter 80, Boruto is likely to become a fugitive ninja like Sasuke because he has been hated and attacked by the people of Konoha for killing Naruto.

The story in Boruto Chapter 79 emphasizes the importance of Momoshiki’s prophecy and how it becomes the turning point of Boruto’s life. It shows how power is not everything, and every action has its consequences. The story hints at potential twists and turns, building suspense for the next chapter.

In conclusion, the Boruto Chapter 79 reveals how everything that Momoshiki prophesied comes true as Boruto loses everything. The story emphasizes the importance of the prophecy and its effect on Boruto’s fate. The upcoming Chapter 80 is expected to reveal more twists and turns in the story, keeping readers on their toes.

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