Boruto Anime: Criticisms, Lack of Character Development, and Fan Protests
Boruto Anime: Criticisms, Lack of Character Development, and Fan Protests

Boruto Anime: Criticisms, Lack of Character Development, and Fan Protests

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The Boruto anime, which focuses on the next generation after Naruto, has been facing criticism from fans. One of the main criticisms is the presence of advanced technology in Boruto, allowing ordinary people to use jutsu elements. While this may seem appealing, some fans feel that it takes away from the uniqueness and exclusivity of jutsu in the Naruto universe.

Another point of contention is the slower storyline in Boruto, which is more centered around the academy life of the characters. Unlike Naruto, where the story quickly progressed to epic battles and intense arcs, Boruto lacks the same intensity and epicness in its early arcs.

The current series mainly revolves around the conflict between Boruto and Kawaki, with other character arcs being neglected. This narrow focus has led to the mentor character in Boruto, Konohamaru, not having the same impactful presence as Kakashi in Naruto. Many fans feel that strong characters in Boruto are not given enough development or proper highlighting.

In addition, the declining quality of the series and fan protests have further affected Boruto. Fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the slower pace, lack of character development, and the feeling that Boruto is merely a supplementary addition to Naruto, lacking substance.
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One specific example of a character that has been criticized is Denki, who heavily relies on a robotic suit. This reliance on technology makes the story less believable and takes away from the authenticity and ninja elements of the series.

Overall, the deficiencies of Boruto compared to Naruto have been a topic of discussion among fans. The decline in quality and the protests from fans have had a significant impact on the series. It is clear that there is a need for improvement in terms of character development, pacing, and a broader focus on the various character arcs. As the creator of Boruto, Masashi Kishimoto should consider addressing these concerns to ensure the success and satisfaction of fans.

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