Black Dragon: The Greatest Threat to Tokyo Manji Gang in Tokyo Revengers Season 2
Black Dragon: The Greatest Threat to Tokyo Manji Gang in Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Black Dragon: The Greatest Threat to Tokyo Manji Gang in Tokyo Revengers Season 2

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In Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Black Dragon is introduced as a rough and ruthless gang that poses the greatest threat to Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman). Led by Taiju Shiba, they have no qualms about killing anyone who challenges their authority, not even his own sibling. This gang has been a part of Tokyo for a long time, and in this season, they are in their 10th generation. They were mentioned in the manga and were essential to the storyline, primarily concerning Mikey, who has a personal connection with the Toman boss.

Keisuke Baji stated that Toman was created to be Black Dragon’s opponent. The gang is a representation of corrupt and criminal activities, which Toman was not initially created for. However, their influence becomes inevitable in the future.

Here is everything you need to know about Black Dragon in Tokyo Revengers Season 2:

1. Black Dragon was founded by Mikey’s brother, Shinichiro Sano.

Black Dragon is a group created by Shinichiro Sano, Mikey’s brother, and four of his friends, which include Takeomi Akashi, Keizo Arashi, and Wakasa Imaushi. The gang was founded not to engage in violent activities but to prevent them. Shinichiro successfully brought Black Dragon to its peak during his leadership, and the gang was known for being peaceful and highly respected even to the seventh generation of the group.

2. Black Dragon evolved into a brutal gang.

Black Dragon changed its leadership after the death of Shinichiro. When Takemichi Hanagaki went back in time in season 2, Black Dragon was already on its tenth generation with Taiju Shiba leading. They had become a violent gang that did not hesitate to kill anyone that challenged them. This change in character started with the eighth generation when Izana Kurokawa, Shinichiro’s stepbrother, took over the leadership. He changed the moral values of the group, and the gang became more brutal when Shion Madarame assumed the leadership of the ninth generation. Shion was later defeated by Mikey in a fight. Seishu Inui initially created the 10th generation to bring the gang back to life, but it became even worse under Taiju’s leadership, and the gang was transformed into a cruel military force.

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3. Black Dragon inspired Mikey in forming Tokyo Manji Gang.

Although Mikey admired Shinichiro and knew about Black Dragon, it was not the reason why he created Toman. The main inspiration came when Mikey fought Kazutora and some other persons, who later sought revenge by bringing the ninth generation of Black Dragon. In this battle, Mikey won, but he realized that he needed to create a powerful force to stand against gangs like Black Dragon. He then assembled his team with Takashi Mitsuya, Keisuke Baji, Ken “Draken” Ryuguji, Haruki Hayashida, and Kazutora, and Tokyo Manji Gang was born.

4. Black Dragon has lost several times to Toman.

Although Black Dragon appears stronger and more intimidating, Toman is not a gang of quitters, and they never give up easily. In the beginning, when Mikey was leading Toman, they fought against the ninth generation of Black Dragon, who outnumbered them. Nonetheless, Toman kept pushing and managed to face them. In Tokyo Revengers season 2, there will be another showdown between Toman and Black Dragon’s tenth generation, and in the early episodes, Black Dragon seems to dominate, but Toman is not someone who backs down quickly. Eventually, Toman wins the battle.

5. Black Dragon ends with the 11th generation.

After losing to Toman and Takemichi assuming the leadership of the 11th generation, Toman “acquired” Black Dragon, and all of its members became part of Toman. It meant the end of Black Dragon’s twelve generations.

In conclusion, Black Dragon is a formidable opponent in Tokyo Revengers Season 2, and Taiju Shiba is someone to fear. While Toman may appear weaker than Black Dragon, they remain strong, and their determination ultimately leads to their victory. Toman’s reason for existence may be to oppose the corruption of Black Dragon, but the future is uncertain, and they may meet their match with other gangs in the future.

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