Big Mom's Return and Surprising Actions in One Piece 1085
Big Mom's Return and Surprising Actions in One Piece 1085

Big Mom’s Return and Surprising Actions in One Piece 1085

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In the latest installment of One Piece 1085, manga artist Eiichiro Oda shocked fans when he revealed that former Yonkou Big Mom is still alive and has been helping Trafalgar Law after the Heart Pirates’ defeat by Yonkou Kurohige. This revelation comes as a surprise to many, as Big Mom lost her title as Yonkou after being defeated by Law. According to Oda’s latest chapter, there is a reason why Big Mom is helping Law.

As readers are aware, Law, Luffy, and Eustass Kid have formed an alliance to bring down both Yonkou Big Mom and Kaido. In a battle, Big Mom was defeated by Kid and Law’s powerful awakening fruit abilities. Meanwhile, Kaido was defeated after receiving an attack from Luffy’s Bajrang Gun in Gear 5 mode. According to reports, both Big Mom and Kaido fell into a pit created by Law and died.

However, this is not the case for Big Mom. According to One Piece 1085 spoilers, it appears that Big Mom landed on an island located between the Winner and Wano Kingdom. The contour of Wano Island, located above the main ocean, made Big Mom fall into the sea. Luckily, her tough skin protected her from injuries caused by the lava in Wano.

Despite being unharmed physically, Big Mom suffered from memory loss caused by Law’s attack. This memory loss has resulted in a surprisingly cheerful personality change for the former Yonkou. Meanwhile, Bepo, who was searching for a way to escape Winner Island with Law, arrived on the same island as Big Mom. The captain of Heart Pirates was injured but was helped by Big Mom’s healing abilities. This act saw her restore them in exchange for some of her lifespan.

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Trafalgar Law also regained his consciousness and took a fighting stance when he saw Big Mom approaching him. However, Bepo explained that the former Yonkou was the one who saved them. Big Mom was last seen in Wano, where she also suffered from memory loss after falling from a ship while attempting to climb the waterfall. Her fall changed her personality for the better, and she helped Choper and Otama who were being pursued by Kaido’s crew.

In conclusion, the latest One Piece chapter 1085 has turned things around for Big Mom’s character, and her contribution remains to be seen in the future. Fans will undoubtedly be looking forward to seeing what Eiichiro Oda has in store for us in the upcoming One Piece issues.

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