Back to the Future Part III Synopsis: Time-Traveling Cowboys and a Race to Save the Future
Back to the Future Part III Synopsis: Time-Traveling Cowboys and a Race to Save the Future

Back to the Future Part III Synopsis: Time-Traveling Cowboys and a Race to Save the Future

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Back to the Future Part III is the final chapter in the time-traveling trilogy that has captivated audiences since 1985. Directed by Robert Zemeckis with production by Steven Spielberg, this sci-fi comedy Western takes audiences on a wild ride back to the Old West as Marty McFly and Doc Brown race to save the future.


The year is 1990, and Marty McFly finds himself in a race against time to save Doc Brown. While in 1955, Doc is shocked when Marty returns and asks him to fix the DeLorean hidden in a cave and send him back to 1885 to rescue Doc. Following instructions from a letter Doc sent in 1885, Doc in 1955 finishes repairing the time machine and sends Marty back to the Old West.

Marty arrives in 1885 just days before the events that lead to Doc’s death, armed with the knowledge from an old newspaper. Upon landing, he finds himself in the middle of a Wild West town full of cowboys and Indians, and even gets attacked by a bear while hiding the DeLorean. After fainting, he wakes up at his ancestors’ house and introduces himself as Clint Eastwood.

Marty quickly finds himself in trouble when he meets Buford Tannen and his gang, but Doc comes to the rescue. After hearing about Marty’s death, Doc agrees to come back to 1985 with him. With the DeLorean leaking fuel, they decide to use a train to push it to 88 miles per hour. While fixing the train tracks, they save Clara, a schoolteacher, and Doc falls in love at first sight.

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At a festival-turned-town celebration, Buford threatens Doc and a gunfight ensues with Marty accidentally taking Clint Eastwood’s place on Doc’s tombstone. After getting the DeLorean on the train tracks, Doc sneaks off to say goodbye to Clara, but she doesn’t believe his reason for leaving, causing Doc to spiral out of control at a bar. Marty saves him from a drunken brawl with Buford only to discover Doc has passed out from drinking.

With Doc out of commission, Marty must face Buford in a duel. In a surprising turn of events, Buford is arrested for bank robbery, and Marty and Doc proceed to steal a locomotive to push the DeLorean towards the unfinished train tracks. Just when they think they’re successful, Clara appears, and Doc must save her with the help of Marty’s hoverboard. Unfortunately, Doc cannot get back into the DeLorean, and Marty must go back to the future alone.

Marty arrives back in 1985 just in time to see the DeLorean get hit by a train and destroyed. The film closes with Doc introducing his newly made time machine train and Marty reuniting with Jennifer.


Back to the Future Part III takes audiences on a thrilling time-traveling adventure filled with cowboys, romance, and the race to save the future. With the help of the lovable Marty and Doc, this final chapter brings the trilogy to a satisfying close.

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