Attack on Titan Episode 9: Alliance Forming to Battle Against Eren’s Plan
Attack on Titan Episode 9: Alliance Forming to Battle Against Eren’s Plan

Attack on Titan Episode 9: Alliance Forming to Battle Against Eren’s Plan

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The excitement continues to build up in the highly anticipated anime series, Attack on Titan. In episode 8, viewers were left in awe with the meeting between Armin Alert and Annie Leonhart. The episode ended with Levi Ackerman discussing Eren and Zeke Yeager’s plan of massacring humanity outside of Paradise Island, killing Zeke, and the remaining Marley army on the Island, including Pieck and Magath. The newly formed alliance to stop Eren’s plan is now getting stronger with the meeting between Armin, Annie, and Reiner.

Armin, Jean, and their friends invite Reiner, who is laying down, to join their alliance and help save the world from the Titans’ rampage. In episode 9, based on the manga chapter 127, one scene will focus on Jean Kirstein as he daydreams about his future with his wife, children, and hopefully grandchildren one day. His hope in making this a reality is what drives him to refuse Zeke’s plan to sterilize the Eldian race.

At the same time, Jean reminisces about his struggle with his friends to achieve freedom for Paradise Island. He laments that everything will end up far from what he planned because of Eren’s rumbling. In the midst of his thoughts, Hange calls Jean, and it seems that an important conversation involving everyone, including Jean, will take place.

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In episode 9, “night of the end,” there will be a small army joining Armin, Annie, and Reiner’s alliance to fight against Eren. The remaining scout regiment, including Mikasa, and the Marleyan army will also join the fight with new plans to defeat Eren.

One of the most anticipated scenes of the upcoming battle against Eren is the meeting between Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager. Viewers will witness Mikasa, a person who has loved Eren since childhood, come face to face with him as an enemy. What will happen to Eren Yeager? Fans of the show cannot wait to find out in the next episode of Attack on Titan.

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