Attack on Titan Anime: The Alliance To Fight Eren Yeager
Attack on Titan Anime: The Alliance To Fight Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan Anime: The Alliance To Fight Eren Yeager

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The recent episode of Attack on Titan leaves us with a devastated world after Eren Yeager’s rumbling. The future of humanity is on the verge of destruction as both the people of Paradise Island and the outside world crumble. The inhabitants of Paradise Island, who were the beneficiaries of Eren’s rescue plan, are now in chaos. After the Zeke-made Titans caused havoc, some of the Elodians on Paradise Island could not be saved. However, contrary to Eren’s intentions, the surviving members of the Survey Corps, including Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Levi, and Hange, did not support Eren’s plan. They eventually formed an alliance with the Marley fighters to save humanity.

Magath, Pieck, Reiner, Gabi, and Falco are among the Marleyans fighting for the alliance. Annie, who just woke up from her crystal shell, has joined her former comrades as well. On the other hand, Yelena and Onyankopon, who are anti-Marley, do not support Eren’s plan to wipe out humanity. If they form an alliance, they will be humanity’s last hope against Eren. Each member of the new alliance, including the Eldian members of the Survey Corps, has families and hometowns they love. Annie wants to reunite with her father, just like Gabi and Falco. Onyankopon initially supported Eldia in Paradise, but he does not want his hometown to be destroyed. Pieck, Hange, and Levi are not particularly close to Eren.

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The decision to fight Eren is undoubtedly the heaviest decision to make for Eren’s closest friends, such as Jean, Connie, and especially Armin and Mikasa. However, no matter how much Armin and Mikasa love Eren and have grown up with him, they cannot fight their conscience. For Armin and Mikasa, Eren’s decision is entirely unacceptable, and therefore, they have decided to fight. The combined alliance of Marley and Eldia is now the last hope to fight against Eren Yeager and his army, however difficult and slim the chance that remains.

In conclusion, the recent episode of Attack on Titans has left fans in awe of the storyline. The decision of the alliance can be seen as the last resort against Eren Yeager’s plan to wipe out humanity. So, the question remains – will the alliance succeed in saving humanity against Eren’s wrath?
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