Arch Linux Review - Is it Worth the Hype?
Arch Linux Review - Is it Worth the Hype?

Arch Linux Review – Is it Worth the Hype?

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Arch Linux Review – Is it Worth the Hype?

Arch Linux has been around for over 20 years, and it is considered the most popular rolling-release Linux distribution. This Linux distribution is popular among users who prefer a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to their operating system. As Arch Linux focuses on minimalism, users only install the packages necessary for their system. In this Arch Linux review, we will explore the key features that differentiate Arch from other Linux distributions, its pros and cons, and frequently asked questions related to Arch Linux.

What is Arch Linux, and why is it popular?

Arch Linux is a popular Linux distribution that follows the rolling-release model. This model means users receive daily updates, giving them access to the most recent packages much earlier than other Linux distributions that follow major releases, such as Ubuntu. The popularity of Arch Linux lies in its minimalism. Arch Linux’s ISO file does not contain any extra packages, graphical installer, or desktop environment. Users install only the packages and tools they need, giving them a resource-friendly and lightweight operating system.

Key Features of Arch Linux

Aside from being a DIY distribution and following the rolling-release model, Arch Linux has several key features that make it popular among Linux users.

DIY Distro

Arch Linux is a DIY distribution that requires time, knowledge, and patience to install. However, once installed, it is a favorite among users who prefer to customize their systems.


Arch Linux provides access to the newest packages without requiring additional effort from the user.


ArchWiki is the most comprehensive and detailed documentation about any Linux distribution. Users can access it to learn more about Linux and install Arch Linux.


Arch Linux provides access to the largest repository of Linux software, making the installation and access to software easy.

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Users can install any Window Manager or Desktop Environment of their preference, as there is no default that Arch Linux imposes on its users.

Pros and Cons of Arch Linux

Now, let us examine the pros and cons of Arch Linux.


– Arch Linux’s minimalism results in faster performance and a lightweight operating system.
– The rolling-release model provides users with access to the newest packages.
– The comprehensive documentation available on ArchWiki makes it easy for users to learn and troubleshoot problems.
– The AUR repository provides an extensive selection of software packages.


– Arch requires time and patience to install, making it less user-friendly for newcomers to Linux.
– As packages are updated frequently, there is a higher risk of system crashes.
– Due to its minimalism, it may lack default packages, causing users to spend time installing basic packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arch Linux

Is Arch Linux any good?

Arch Linux is an excellent operating system for users who prefer DIY Linux distributions, customization, and resource-efficiency.

Is Arch Linux difficult?

Arch Linux requires time and patience to install, but once installed, it is easy to navigate.

Is Arch Linux free?

Yes, Arch Linux is free and open-source software.

Final Words

Arch Linux is a popular rolling-release Linux distribution that provides a lightweight and customizable operating system. However, due to its minimalism and lack of user-friendliness, newcomers to Linux may find it challenging to install and use. Overall, Arch Linux is an excellent choice for users who seek control over their operating system’s customization and resources.

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