Aoyama's Double Agent Struggle Revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 400
Aoyama's Double Agent Struggle Revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 400

Aoyama’s Double Agent Struggle Revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 400

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Aoyama Yuga, a character from the popular series My Hero Academia, has always felt inferior due to being born without a Quirk despite coming from a wealthy family. To fulfill his dream of becoming a hero, Aoyama’s parents made a desperate decision and contacted the infamous villain All For One. The notorious villain agreed to give Aoyama a Quirk called Navel Laser. However, Aoyama’s body was not compatible with the Quirk, causing the laser to uncontrollably leak out of his navel.

In order to hide his inability to control the Quirk, Aoyama often claimed it was due to a birth defect. To contain his Quirk, a special belt was created for him, which he wore throughout his childhood. But his struggles didn’t end there.

All For One eventually came to collect the debt from Aoyama’s family and forced him into becoming a double agent. Fearing retaliation and even death, Aoyama and his parents were coerced into working for All For One. Aoyama constantly feels overwhelming guilt for the destruction caused by his actions.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 400, Aoyama’s long-standing betrayal comes to an end. The chapter also unveils a shocking revelation about another character, Toru, and her true body. The chapter titled ‘The World’ opens with a comical incident where Aoyama accidentally sees Hakagure undressed, causing her embarrassment and a hasty retreat.

Hakagure explains her own struggles with her Quirk malfunctioning during battles due to adrenaline, making it a problem for her. Aoyama, however, realizes that his Navel Laser has become stronger over time. Despite this revelation, they need to focus on their primary objective – destroying the hostile plants and saving the lives of the professional heroes.

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Even though Kuneida, a fellow hero, is unconscious, the plants continue to grow. Hakagure is requested to use her light-based Quirk to burn the roots inside their bodies. Aoyama declares his determination to fight with all his strength on his last day as a student at Yuei, the prestigious hero academy.

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 in Indonesian reveals several significant moments in the ongoing story. The chapter explores Aoyama’s background, his struggles as a double agent, and the intense battle against the plant-like villain.

In conclusion, My Hero Academia Chapter 400 sheds light on the inner turmoil faced by Aoyama Yuga as a double agent and the ongoing fight against the menacing plant-like villain. The chapter also unveils secrets about Hakagure’s Quirk malfunction and Aoyama’s newfound strength. Fans of the series will be eagerly anticipating the next developments in this thrilling story.

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