Advantages of Terrazzo Tiles for Overcoming Floods

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Cirebon is one of the areas in Java that frequently experiences flooding. This condition means you have to use the best building materials such as Terrazzo Tiles. Of course, there are many advantages of terrazzo tiles in dealing with floods.

There are various advantages to using Terrazzo Tiles in dealing with floods

Resistant to water and humidity

One of the main advantages of Terrazzo Tiles is their ability to be resistant to water and humidity. These tiles are made from a mixture of materials such as marble, granite and glass mixed with a binder such as cement or resin. When flooding occurs, Terrazzo Tiles can act as an effective barrier to prevent water from entering the building.

Non-Slip Surface

Terrazzo Tiles have a relatively rough surface and are not slippery, even when wet. This is important in flood situations, where slippery floors can cause accidents and injuries. The non-slip surface of Terrazzo Tiles can help prevent falls and ensure the safety of home occupants or facility users.

Resistant to damage

Terrazzo Tiles are known for their incredible strength. This materials are resistant to pressure, scratches, and wear, so they are not easily damaged by water or spilled objects during flooding. This is different from some other types of flooring which may become damaged or peel due to prolonged exposure to water.

Water Filtration Capability

Along with its ability to block water, Terrazzo Tiles can also have an efficient water filtration system. This can help filter floodwater entering a building, remove dirt and contaminants, and deliver cleaner water to the sewer system.

Easy to Clean and Dry

Once the flood subsides, the cleaning and drying process is essential. Terrazzo Tiles are a floor material that is easy to clean. You can remove mud, dust and dirt easily. In addition, this floor also dries quickly, reducing the risk of mold growth or damage due to prolonged moisture.


The Best Terrazzo Tiles from Terramix to deal with flooding

Terramix is one of the best providers of terrazzo tiles. There are many choices for terrazzo tile products to consider. The best terrazzo tiles from Terramix which are suitable for flood conditions such as:

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Rolled Oats

Terrazzo Tiles with Rolled Oat motifs offer the perfect elegant and modern touch for your room. With a luxurious combination of marble and natural stone, this floor gives a luxurious and minimalist impression at the same time. Rolled Oats are suitable for various interior design styles, from contemporary to classic.

Rose Gold

The color gold has always been a symbol of luxury and beauty. Terrazzo Tiles Rose Gold flooring not only exudes a luxurious shine, but also gives a charming appearance to the room. With Rose Gold, you can create a special atmosphere and attract attention in your interior design.

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is a unique and interesting choice. With a striking pink color, this floor gives a cheerful and refreshing touch to the room. Suitable for rooms with a modern minimalist design, Strawberry Jam will be an attractive highlight.

Tropical Green

The color green is always associated with freshness and coolness. Terrazzo Tiles Tropical Green flooring provides a touch of bright green which creates a fresh and contemporary atmosphere in the room. This pleasant color is perfect for creating spaces full of vitality and life.

Ultimate Grey

Interior design trends for 2021 emphasize the use of neutral colors such as gray. Ultimate Gray is the perfect answer to this trend. This floor gives a warm and charming touch to a modern minimalist room. With Ultimate Grey, you can create a space that is inviting and comfortable.

Ultimate White

White has always been a symbol of timeless elegance and simplicity. Terrazzo Ultimate White is the ideal choice for creating an elegant, contemporary style room. The pure beauty of white will give a clean and classy look to your interior.


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