A Glimpse into Cross Guild and its Role in One Piece
A Glimpse into Cross Guild and its Role in One Piece

A Glimpse into Cross Guild and its Role in One Piece

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Cross Guild, a new organization formed by the trio of former Shichibukai – Crocodile, Dracule Mihawk, and Buggy – in One Piece, has been creating a buzz among fans for its role in the series. The organization has come into the spotlight through the construction of their unique ship, which has the face of Buggy at the forefront. While the ship was built as a means to help Buggy participate in the Battle Royale, Crocodile had other plans in mind – to use the power of Cross Guild to rebuild his dream nation ‘Utopia.’

Crocodile’s goal, however, did not align with Mihawk’s thoughts on the matter. Despite Mihawk offering advice that a project of this magnitude would require careful planning and more power, Buggy openly opposed Crocodile’s plans. According to him, it went against pirate norms in One Piece.

Even though the Cross Guild had some significant members like Mihawk, Buggy, Daz Bones, and Galdino, they were not powerful enough to maintain their position. As a result, the organization remained without a leader, leading to the Government of One Piece mistakenly labeling Buggy as their leader.

One Piece fans following the series are curious about the Cross Guild members and their abilities. Here’s a list of five strongest members of the Cross Guild:


Dracule Mihawk:

Revered as the strongest swordsman in One Piece, Dracule Mihawk’s skills are of legendary proportions. His position as a member of Cross Guild serves as an excellent opportunity for the organization to have someone of his caliber on their side. Due to his formidable strength, the Government of One Piece appointed him as one of the Shichibukai.

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Crocodile was introduced as the primary antagonist in the Alabasta arc. In terms of hierarchy, he is the second-in-command in Cross Guild, following Mihawk. While he may not possess the power of Haki, his control over his Logia Devil Fruit ability (Suna Suna no Mi) enables him to manipulate and transform into sand, making him a formidable opponent.

Daz Bones:

Daz Bones, being Crocodile’s right-hand man, is another prominent member of Cross Guild. Although he was defeated by Zoro in the Alabasta arc, his skillset with the Paramecia Devil Fruit (Supa Supa no Mi) that allows him to turn into sharp blades is impressive.


Initially introduced as a small-time villain in East Blue, Buggy’s character has evolved into something much more significant, especially with the revelation that he was part of Gol D Roger’s pirate crew. Even though his powers aren’t formidable, his flair for dramatics makes him an entertaining character.

In conclusion, Cross Guild may have its share of problems, but the organization and its members are an integral part of One Piece’s universe. As things currently stand, it will be interesting to see how the organization shapes up in the future and what role they play in the series moving forward.

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