9 Interesting Facts About the Bijuu in Naruto Anime
9 Interesting Facts About the Bijuu in Naruto Anime

9 Interesting Facts About the Bijuu in Naruto Anime

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The Bijuu are legendary monsters that are possessed by at least one of the major villages in the Naruto anime series. The Bijuu are special creatures with unique abilities, and most of them have tails. Here are some interesting facts about these creatures that you should know.

1. The meaning of Bijuu

Bijuu means “Monster Tailed Beasts” and it clearly shows that they are monsters with specialized tails. They have different tails, showing the number of their tails, and each of them has unique characteristics.

2. They originated from Juubi

Initially, there was only one creature that had great Chakra, which was Juubi, also known as the Chakra Tree. Hagoromo divided Juubi into nine parts to maintain the balance of power throughout the world. Because one Juubi can become nine Bijuu, theoretically, if there are many Juubi, there can also be many Bijuu.

3. They are a collection of Chakra given a soul

Each of the Bijuu is a small part of Juubi, and Hagoromo gave them a soul as well as a name by using his creation power to form them into animals.


4. Four of them are from Japanese mythology

Kishimoto included four Japanese mythology creatures in the nine Bijuu known as Yokai or spiritual beings in Japan. They are Shukaku, Matatabi, Gyuki and Kurama. The other Bijuu are the original ones created by Kishimoto.

5. They rarely use their names

Hagoromo gave them their names when they were still small, but they rarely use them. They take pride in their names but prefer to be called by their title, such as Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox. Only Son Goku seems to call other Bijuu by their names.

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6. They speak without moving their mouths

Bijuu are often shown to speak without moving their mouths. They can also say long sentences just by opening their mouths or even without opening their mouths at all. This indicates that they are not like normal living creatures and they were initially Chakra given a soul. They also have the ability to speak through telepathy.

7. Chomei and Gyuki are not counted by tails

Although all Bijuu are named and marked by their tails, Chomei and Gyuki’s tails are different. Seven is the number of Chomei’s wings and one insect-like tail, while Gyuki has eight octopus-like legs that are counted as tails.

8. Isobu’s the only Bijuu that died

Bijuu will never truly die, but Isobu is the only one that has experienced it (or at least been confirmed). When Rin died by Kakashi’s hand, Isobu, who was inside Rin, also died. Confirmed in Naruto Chapter 507, Isobu was born again and controlled by Yagura.

9. Shukaku and Matatabi do not have a physical body
While the other Bijuu have physical forms, Shukaku and Matatabi do not. Shukaku’s form is a lump of sand while Matatabi’s form is blue fire. Therefore, they are known as living ghosts like the Yokai to which they belong.

In conclusion, the Bijuu have unique characteristics in both form and ability. Each has its own story and background, making them a valuable part of the Naruto anime series.

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