6 Powerful Anime Characters Who Hate Their Own Abilities
6 Powerful Anime Characters Who Hate Their Own Abilities

6 Powerful Anime Characters Who Hate Their Own Abilities

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When it comes to anime, it’s no surprise to see some characters appearing with extraordinary powers. Some are so strong that they can split a planet with a single move, while others possess magical abilities that make them immortal. These abilities make anime fans envious and imagine what it would be like to possess such power. However, not everything is as fantastic as it seems. Several anime characters with incredible abilities cannot enjoy their life because of their strength. Some even grew up hating their abilities and wishing they didn’t have to use them.

Most of these characters see their abilities as a curse that drastically changes their daily lives, taking away the comfort that an ordinary person enjoys. Several of them are afraid of their abilities, and many powerful characters even prefer to be ordinary humans. Here are some of the anime characters that hate their own abilities:

Shoto Todoroki – My Hero Academia: Shoto wants to become a Pro-Hero. It’s because of his father’s reputation as a successful hybrid Quirk that Shoto inherits the ability to create blazing fire from his left side and ice from his right side. Shoto was trained to increase his Quirk; he hopes to become the world’s greatest hero, replacing All Might. He grew to hate using his father’s powerful ability due to the cruelty he and his family experienced at the hands of his father, Endeavor.

Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul: Ken was initially a shy, quiet, and normal university student who enjoyed reading novels. However, after a terrible accident that required organ transplantation, everything changed. Ken became a hybrid of a human and the first artificial ghoul after receiving organs from a ghoul that survived by eating human flesh. Ken, being a hybrid of human and ghoul, is in a position to end the conflict between humans and ghouls. But he doesn’t care because he hates losing his humanity and becoming a ghoul.


Eri – My Hero Academia: Eri is a character in the serial with a complex plot and entertaining characters. She is a small girl who can reverse the circumstances experienced by living creatures. Her Rewind Quirk is very powerful. Eri is concerned about the consequences of her power because she can alter a person’s appearance or age, or even eliminate their existence. She hates having such power, especially when Chisaki, one of the show’s villains, used it to destroy the unique characteristics and lives of others.

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Naofumi Iwatani – Rising of the Shield Hero: Naofumi hated his ability after being summoned in another world as a cardinal hero, whose mission is to save the world from disasters. Naofumi was shocked to learn that he was summoned as a Shield Hero, the weakest hero in the parallel world. The bad betrayal also occurred because he was the Shield Hero. Naofumi, therefore, hated his talent and was forced to improvise by training allies to use as his sword. Meanwhile, he distilled the shield’s capacity and devised methods to improve it further in battle.

Alucard – Hellsing Ultimate: Although Alucard could live forever, it would not be enjoyable to live beyond the people he loves. In the series, Alucard fights with the burden of eternal isolation. His life as a powerful vampire is dull and lonely because he never has to worry about being killed. Since everyone he loves left him when they died, Alucard has spent years trying to find a resolution to his loss. Alucard is always involved in fights and wars to find a strong opponent so that he can finally die. Regrettably, the gift of immortality cannot be discarded casually.

Saitama – One Punch Man: Saitama has the ability to defeat any enemy with a single punch, and he hates that. He became the strongest hero in the world after training for three years. Saitama is frustrated because he is always looking for thrilling fights and challenging battles but ends all of them with a single punch. He is annoyed that no one can challenge him, and so he always looks for the opponent who might have the potential to defeat him, but he never finds one.

In conclusion, having extraordinary powers may not be as thrilling as it seems in anime. Many characters have to give up things they love or even hate their abilities due to various circumstances. These characters are some of the most potent beings in anime, but many of them desire a more normal and ordinary life like the rest of humanity.

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