5 Unique Objects with Devil Fruit Powers in One Piece
5 Unique Objects with Devil Fruit Powers in One Piece

5 Unique Objects with Devil Fruit Powers in One Piece

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One Piece is widely popular for its creative and unique Devil Fruit powers that grant users unimaginable abilities. Although Devil Fruits are usually consumed by humans or other living beings, there are some rare occasions where even inanimate objects have eaten these fruits and brought to life, creating some unusual and fascinating characters. In this article, we will explore five of the top inanimate objects with Devil Fruit powers in One Piece.

1. Inu Inu no Mi model Dachshund

This Devil Fruit gives its user the ability to transform into a dog. The fruit is planted in a bazooka, where it takes the form of a dog’s head. This unique weapon is called Lasso, and it is owned by Mr. 4. Lasso can shoot explosive balls from its mouth, making it a formidable weapon on the battlefield.

2. Zou Zou no Mi

This Devil Fruit has the power to transform its user into an elephant, which is planted in a sword named Funkfreed. Funkfreed can change into an elephant and elongate itself to chase down its targets with its sharp and pointed end.

3. Alpacacino

Alpacacino is a cannon that was given Devil Fruit power and is now capable of transforming into an Alpaca. The name of the Devil Fruit is still unknown, but Alpacacino has been seen launching cannonballs from its mouth. It is also said that Alpacacino can use Busoshoku Haki to increase the destructive power of its attacks.

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4. Sara Sara no Mi Model Axoltl

This Devil Fruit can transform the user into an Axolotl. It is planted in a gas-made slime blob that is named Smiley and is owned by Caesar. Smiley takes the shape of a red Axolotl made of slime and can move quickly in its slimy form.

5. Inu Inu no Mi Model Tanuki

This Devil Fruit can turn the user into a tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) and is consumed by a teapot called Bunbuku. After consuming the fruit, Bunbuku loses its ability to serve tea as it cannot withstand the heat of fire anymore.

Although it is not clear how these inanimate objects obtained the Devil Fruit power, some believe that the fruits themselves endowed the objects with a will of their own. The Gorosei statement that Luffy’s fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi Nika, seemed to have a will of its own also supports this theory. Nevertheless, these objects with their unique abilities make One Piece even more imaginative and thrilling for fans.

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