5 One-Sided Rivalries in Anime That Were Never Resolved
5 One-Sided Rivalries in Anime That Were Never Resolved

5 One-Sided Rivalries in Anime That Were Never Resolved

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Rivalries are a common theme in anime. Two characters with equal strength often compete to prove who is stronger. Some of the most iconic rivalries, such as Naruto vs. Sasuke and Goku vs. Vegeta, have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. However, some rivalries are heavily one-sided, with one character constantly struggling to defeat their opponent. In this article, we will be discussing five characters who have always failed to overcome their rival.

1. Endeavour Could Never Surpass All Might (My Hero Academia)

Endeavour, the second-ranked hero, always stood in All Might’s shadow during his prime. Driven by his desire to surpass the retired hero, Endeavour went to extreme lengths, even sacrificing his own family. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could never defeat All Might. By the time Endeavour became the number one hero, All Might had already retired. His ambition to surpass his rival was in vain, and he was left to regret his terrible actions.

2. Askeladd Died Before Thorfinn Could Seek Revenge (Vinland Saga)


Thorfinn’s quest for revenge has been a central plot point of Vinland Saga. Joining Askeladd’s band of mercenaries, he sought to avenge his father’s death. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain, as Prince Canute killed Askeladd before Thorfinn could take his revenge. Thorfinn’s feelings were mixed since, despite Askeladd having killed his father, he was also a father figure to him. As such, Thorfinn was left devastated and without closure.

3. Saitama Is Too Powerful for Sonic to Beat (One Punch Man)

Sonic may be a skilled ninja with the speed of sound, but he has one fatal flaw – he is no match for Saitama. Their rivalry began when Sonic attacked Saitama, mistaking him for an enemy. Saitama easily defeated Sonic, who saw him as his new rival. However, no matter how hard Sonic trained, Saitama was too powerful to defeat. Sonic’s efforts were in vain, and he was forced to accept that he could never win.

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4. Bakugo Bullied Deku Because He Always Lost to Him (My Hero Academia)

In the Dark Hero arc, Bakugo surprisingly apologized to Deku for his past behavior. He explained that he had bullied Deku because he was envious of his abilities. Bakugo believed that he was always trailing behind Deku and sought to feel superior by putting him down. Now, with Deku inheriting One For All and growing stronger, the gap between them has only widened.

5. Zoro Will Always Be Luffy’s Strongest Right-Hand Man (One Piece)

Since Sanji and Zoro joined Luffy’s crew, they have never seen eye to eye. They even have nicknames for each other – Alis Keriting (Curly Brow) for Sanji and Kepala Lumut (Moss Head) for Zoro. Their rivalry is always intense, but Zoro always manages to stay ahead. He is stronger and more loyal to Luffy, whereas Sanji once kicked their captain in the face. Despite all their bickering, Zoro will always be Luffy’s strongest right-hand man.

In conclusion, some anime characters are just not meant to overcome their rival. Their struggles may seem pointless, but they serve as a reminder that not everyone can achieve their goals. However, these one-sided rivalries still make for great drama and storytelling. What do you think of these five characters and their inability to defeat their rival?

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