5 Best Anime Set in Afterlife You Should Watch
5 Best Anime Set in Afterlife You Should Watch

5 Best Anime Set in Afterlife You Should Watch

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Do you want to watch anime with a unique setting in the afterlife? Look no further because we have compiled a list of the five best anime set in the afterlife that you should watch. These anime give different perspectives on the afterlife, from a soul society to a bar that determines if a person will be reincarnated or go into eternal nothingness. Let’s find out more about these anime with intriguing stories and concepts.

1. Bleach

Bleach is about Ichigo Kurosaki, a delinquent high school student whose life changes after meeting Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami, or a soul reaper. Instead of going to heaven or hell, people who die with regrets turn into Hollows, which can harm humans. A shinigami’s duty is to free them from the human realm, so they can eventually cross over to the afterlife. The anime takes place in two places, the human world, and Soul Society, which is the afterlife where shinigamis patrol and people’s souls go before being reincarnated.

2. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho follows the story of Yusuke Urameshi, who dies after saving a young boy’s life in an accident. Since it’s not his time to die, he’s given a second chance at life by becoming a spirit detective in the afterlife. At first, Yusuke isn’t interested in the job because he finds his life mundane. However, his perspective changes after seeing how many people would be sad if he were to die again.

3. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is about people who died with unfulfilled desires and are in purgatory. The anime’s focal point is about accepting oneself. The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, who wakes up in a high school building in the afterlife. He then joins SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen), a group that fights the student council president, Tenshi, while seeking reasons for their existence in the afterlife.

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4. Death Parade

Death Parade takes place in a bar named Quindecim, where the dead arrive in the afterlife. A bartender named Decim determines a person’s fate through games played in the bar. Decim acts as the arbiter and decides if a person will be reincarnated or sent to the void of nothingness.

5. Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei is an anime about a group of people who arrive in the “Old Home,” a mysterious place that’s essentially the afterlife. The characters have no memories of their past lives and must overcome trials to progress to the next level. The concept is similar to that of Angel Beats!

In conclusion, the five anime mentioned above have intriguing and unique settings in the afterlife, offering a fresh perspective on the concept. Whether it’s the soul society or a bar where games decide a person’s fate in the afterlife, these anime promise an exciting and unforgettable viewing experience. Which anime will you watch first?

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