10 Forgotten Heroes in Naruto: Overlooked Shinobi in the Anime and Manga
10 Forgotten Heroes in Naruto: Overlooked Shinobi in the Anime and Manga

10 Forgotten Heroes in Naruto: Overlooked Shinobi in the Anime and Manga

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In the vast world of Naruto, there are countless shinobi who have captured the hearts of fans with their extraordinary abilities and compelling storylines. However, amidst the spotlight that shines on popular characters like Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, there are several unsung heroes who have made significant contributions to their villages but have been overshadowed or rarely shown in the anime and manga series. These overlooked shinobi, despite their incredible feats, have gone unnoticed by many. In this article, we will shed light on ten forgotten heroes in Naruto who deserve recognition for their valiant efforts.


One of these unsung heroes is Tokisuki Kabure, a Chuunin from Konoha. While enjoying a meal at Ichiraku Ramen, he had a chance encounter with Naruto and mustered up the courage to approach him. Kabure humbly asked Naruto for his autograph, explaining that he wanted to gift it to his child, who idolizes the young ninja. This simple and endearing act shows Kabure’s devotion to his family and highlights the human side of shinobi life.

Another pair of overlooked shinobi from Konoha are Toggeito Tessen and Yanagikage Kokege. These skilled ninja fought alongside their comrades in the intense battle against Tendo Pain, under the leadership of Kakashi. While the focus of the series mainly revolved around Naruto’s journey, Tessen and Kokege displayed exceptional teamwork and bravery, playing vital roles in defending their village against an overwhelming threat.

Tobikate Tonbo, a lesser-known character in the Naruto anime, made his impact by sharing his knowledge and skills with younger shinobi. Tonbo took on the role of teaching Genin how to climb walls, a fundamental technique in the world of ninja. Later on, he became an intelligence division analyst in Konoha, using his intellect to assist his comrades in strategic missions. Despite his limited screen time, Tonbo’s contribution to the growth and development of future shinobi should not be overlooked.

Sadly, not all overlooked shinobi even make it to the screen. Tessa, a kunoichi from Sunagakure, was never shown in the Naruto anime. However, her place in the story was filled by Matsuri and Yukata. While Tessa’s deeds remain a mystery, it is important to acknowledge that behind the scenes, she was surely working hard and making a difference for her village.

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Beyond the boundaries of the Hidden Leaf Village, two samurai from the Land of Iron also played crucial roles in the battle against Sasuke. Chiyomatsu possessed a mighty single-point attack that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. Yoshiteru, on the other hand, displayed incredible skill and precision in his swordsmanship, engaging Sasuke with two swords. These two samurai warriors fought valiantly alongside the shinobi, emphasizing the unity and strength of varied combat styles in the Naruto universe.

Moving on to the ninja department, Urakaku and Okisuke stood out as invaluable assets to Mifune. Urakaku’s mastery of sword techniques made him an exceptional swordsmen, adding a layer of defense to Mifune’s ranks. On the other hand, Okisuke’s defining moment came during the Fourth Great Ninja War, where he defeated a white Zetsu, contributing to the triumph of his comrades. These ninja demonstrated unwavering loyalty and skill, proving that even in the chaos of war, unsung heroes still rise to the challenge.

Lastly, we come to Agara, a Chuunin from Takigakure, who tragically met his demise while trying to capture Kabuto. In a fateful encounter, Agara was fatally struck down by Kabuto’s serpent companion. However, even in his death, Agara served a purpose, as his lifeless body became a clue for Anko, pointing her towards Kabuto’s hiding place. This ultimate sacrifice showcases the unwavering dedication of shinobi, willing to lay down their lives for the greater good.

In conclusion, the Naruto series is filled with countless memorable characters, but it is essential not to overlook the unsung heroes who have made significant contributions to their villages. Characters like Tokisuki Kabure, Toggeito Tessen, Yanagikage Kokege, Tobikate Tonbo, Tessa, Chiyomatsu, Yoshiteru, Urakaku, Okisuke, and Agara may not have garnered as much attention, but their actions and roles have left an indelible mark on the Naruto universe. They should be celebrated for their bravery, selflessness, and unwavering dedication to their villages and comrades. Let us not forget these forgotten heroes who have shaped the world of Naruto in ways that we may never fully realize.

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