Personalized Beauty Discovery from a Selfie
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about us

Search, discover and purchase beauty products and services from a selfie. We analyze your picture and compile a comprehensive beauty profile to give you objective and highly personalized beauty advice.

With the thousands of beauty products available, it’s difficult finding the right ones. We drown out the noise and provide you with relevant and personalized recommendations. Because we're not trying to sell you products, we pick what is best for you.

Visada is a consumer mobile beauty software company based in San Francisco.

the technology

We use proprietary algorithms in computer vision and machine learning to analyze your picture and provide customized beauty advice.

Take a picture

We use state-of-the-art computer vision technology to analyze your picture and build a comprehensive beauty profile.

Get Recommendations

Receive recommendations on the best products for you. We search thousands of products so you don’t have to!

Be inspired

Discover the latest beauty news, trends, and looks based on your beauty profile.

Find your celebrity match

Which celebrity do you look like? We compare your facial features to thousands of celebrity photos.

Find your face shape

Curious to know your true face shape? Find your face shape with a selfie!

Get feedback on photos

Rate other's photos and have your photo rated. Discover which photos look best.

our team

JB Duler
CEO, Co-founder
Praveen Srinivasan
CTO, Co-founder
Walter Sanford
Senior Engineer
Jessica Tam
Director of Product
Andrew Yeager
Computer Vision Engineer

our advisors

David Epstein
President, Strategic Ally
Sergio Escalera, Ph.D.
Professor Computer Vision at Universitat de Barcelona | Director at Chalern Challenges in Machine Learning
Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie, Ph.D.
Professor at ESSEC, ISC Paris, ESCP, Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia
Howard Maibach, M.D.
Professor Dermatology at UCSF
Marie Caroline Renault
General Manager at Carrefour (cosmetics line) | Ex-Vice President at L’Oreal
Jianbo Shi, Ph.D.
Professor Computer and Information Science at Penn
Jitendra Singh
Professor Emeritus of Management at Wharton
Suzanne Tager
Senior Director, Retail and Consumer Goods Practice at Bain & Company
Visada - Personalized Beauty Discovery from a Selfie
Available now on iPhone and Android
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