Why Kawaki Might be the Perfect Successor to Naruto
Why Kawaki Might be the Perfect Successor to Naruto

Why Kawaki Might be the Perfect Successor to Naruto

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Kawaki is currently one of the most talked-about characters in the anime Boruto. He is Naruto’s current adopted son and is considered a better fit as the next Hokage than Boruto due to his tragic past. Here are 5 stories from Kawaki’s past that are considered similar to Naruto’s.

1. Both Used as Containers for Dangerous Creatures

Since birth, Naruto Uzumaki was already used as a container for the dangerous creature Kurama. Although Kurama eventually became good, it took time. Initially, this creature was dangerous.

Similarly, Kawaki was specifically chosen by Jigen to be his container. Jigen or perhaps Isshiki, who controlled Jigen, planned to hijack Kawaki’s body.

As a result of this container status, both Naruto and Kawaki possess superpowers.

2. Both Hated and Feared

Small Naruto was feared and hated by Konoha. Similarly, if we look closely until chapter 60, Kawaki still appears to be feared and suspected by Konoha citizens.

Good characters like Shikamaru Nara seem unable to fully trust Kawaki and still remain suspicious of him. Before Kawaki even arrived in Konoha, he was hated by members of Kara such as Code and Garo. So in terms of being feared and hated, Kawaki has similarities to young Naruto.

3. Both Fostered by Bad Guardians

Naruto Uzumaki’s guardians were Hiruzen Sarutobi. Somehow, Hiruzen only gave Naruto a small, cheap-looking apartment and a very small allowance. Despite this, Hiruzen is still a better guardian than Jigen. Jigen makes Kawaki a dangerous experimental subject that kills most other children and prepares him to take over his own body. However, if we consider it, both Hiruzen and Jigen are guardians who are not good for their children.

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4. Both Received a Kind-Hearted Mentor

Although Naruto and Kawaki had bad guardians, later they both got kind-hearted mentors. Naruto had Iruka as a teacher who really cared about him. Meanwhile, Kawaki got Naruto Uzumaki, who inspired him greatly. Naruto even became a new and better foster parent for Kawaki.

5. Although They Suffered in the Past, They Chose the Path of Heroes

Episode 1 of Boruto is still a question mark about Kawaki suddenly fighting with Boruto. But what is interesting about Kawaki is that because he finally has a good mentor figure, Naruto Uzumaki, he actually develops into a hero. He even contributed to the death of Isshiki Otsutsuki by tricking him at a crucial moment. It makes us even more curious whether Kawaki becomes evil in the future because of his own will, or because his body is hijacked by another entity. Kawaki’s situation, with a bad past but still heroic because of having a good mentor, reminds us of Naruto who, thanks to figures like Iruka, still became a hero despite his suffering.

So those are 5 reasons why Kawaki is very similar to Naruto. Apart from the portrayal in episode 1, is Kawaki suitable as Naruto’s successor?

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