Unveiling the Mysteries of Im Sama in the World of One Piece
Unveiling the Mysteries of Im Sama in the World of One Piece

Unveiling the Mysteries of Im Sama in the World of One Piece

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The world of One Piece is filled with mysteries that captivate fans all around the world. One of the most intriguing characters in this world is Im Sama, who has been introduced as the strongest character above the Gorosei in the World Government. Im Sama is an immortal being who has been ruling since the Void Century. This article will reveal the mysteries surrounding Im Sama, including their battle against JoyBoy and the Sun God Nika, and their alliance with the 20 ancient kings.

Im Sama was introduced in the Reverie arc of One Piece. They are the ruler of the Empty Throne, which is a significant historical artifact in the world of One Piece. However, no information has been revealed about Im Sama’s appearance or gender. They are considered the most mysterious character in the series.

Im Sama’s power comes from the moon, which makes them even stronger when facing opponents like JoyBoy and the Sun God Nika. JoyBoy was the ruler of the ancient Kingdom during the Void Century, and Im Sama’s elder brother. JoyBoy inherited the power of the Sun God Nika from their father, Saint Florix, the previous ruler of the ancient Kingdom. However, when Florix passed away, he gave Im Sama the power of the Moon God Xark.

The rivalry between Im Sama and JoyBoy began when the later became the ruler of the ancient Kingdom. The Gorosei increased their power by taking Im Sama’s side, and 20 of the ancient kings joined them in a battle against JoyBoy and the remaining seven loyal kings. This resulted in JoyBoy’s defeat, but it is speculated that things would have been different if the battle had not taken place at night.

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Im Sama’s power extends beyond their own being. They have the ability to destroy entire islands from afar, which is not possible with Devil Fruit powers. It is speculated that Im Sama has ancient weapon technology or godly powers that enable them to do so. Their immortality and their knowledge of the Void Century make Im Sama one of the most dangerous and powerful characters in One Piece.

In Dressrosa, the Tontatta tribe revealed that some information about the Void Century was erased from their records. This suggests that Im Sama has the power to destroy not just one island, but entire civilizations. No one knows how Im Sama gained this power, and their true identity remains a mystery.

In conclusion, Im Sama is one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece. They are immortal and have immense power that extends beyond themselves. Their defeat of JoyBoy and the Sun God Nika resulted in their alliance with the World Government and the establishment of the current ruling body, the World Government. Although their true identity remains unknown, Im Sama’s power and influence cannot be underestimated.

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